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After performing the estimate, I will offer my customers a couple of different billing options. The first and most popular option is to bill at the end of the month for services performed that month. The second option is to … Continued

Truck & Trailer

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Landscaping Truck Landscapers these days use a lot of equipment and tends to be the backbone of the company, so I will start with the most essential. Obviously, if you are going to be making a living doing this, you … Continued


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If you were looking for a landscaper, what would you do? You probably would ask around your friends and family to see who they use and if they are happy before searching any other way. Referrals are a great way to … Continued

Print Media Marketing

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Door Hangers If you are on a tight budget, I believe mailbox flyers or door hangers are the best idea. They are inexpensive and extremely effective. A photocopy only costs about $.08 and you can fit 3 to a page. … Continued

Website Marketing

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Your website for your company should be where you funnel all your sales to. It is your 24/7 salesman so should appear that way. You should make sure your website is up to date and easy to use. It should … Continued

Lawn Care Prices

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How to determine how much to charge your customers Pricing for a business has always been a challenge for me. I feel like I have finally figured it out and would like to share my methods with you. First, I will … Continued

Sales Process

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“What do I charge for lawn maintenance” you may ask yourself. However, selling is definitely an art, and I believe several factors are important: First Impressions: When meeting anyone for the first time in any situation, first impressions are always … Continued

Hello world!

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