3 Quick Tips for Using Yard Signs Effectively

Have you ever driven down the road on a nice spring or summer day and noticed all of the yard signs on peoples’ lawns? Signs from realtors, signs from contractors, and signs for landscaping companies. 

yard signs

Yard signs can be a great marketing tool, but only if you use them the right way. Below are three tips that you can use to effectively use yard signs to market your business.

Use a Single Side

There may be two sides to every story, but your yard sign should only have one side. It’s really hard to find places on busy streets where drivers going both ways are going to clearly see the yard sign. So you want to have two signs but only have the message on a single side. Think of them like mini billboards. 

Use Colors that Contrast on Your Yard Signs

Even though this may be obvious, a lot of people forget it. If you are using similar colors for the font and the background, it will be hard to see the message. Use something like white for your background and black for the lettering, or vice-versa. You also want to remember that there are people who are colorblind. So it’s not a good idea to put greens/blues together or greens/yellows together.

2-Second Rule in Yard Signs

You’ve heard of the 5-second rule. Now we’re going to cut it down even more and go with a 2-second rule. The message needs to be 5 words or fewer. If you can, try getting the message across with just an arrow or phone number. if it’s necessary to have more information, like your address, an intersection is a better choice. Also, do you have a local phone number? Don’t worry about the area code.

Remember that the people who are going past your sign are likely in a car. They don’t have time to read and they are trying to concentrate on the road. So, make it easy on them and yourself, and keep the sign simple. 

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