Offline Marketing

These days many businesses put all of their effort into online marketing, believing that, since most people are online, that is what they should be focusing on. Although online marketing is important and should be used to its fullest, offline marketing is also a very essential part of any marketing plan and works as a synergy with online marketing. Offline marketing can be something as simple as a business card that you leave at a grocery store bulletin board or as complex as a billboard.

Not only does offline marketing directly bring in leads, but it gets your name out there which works in synergy with your online marketing strategies.

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What Benefits Does Offline Marketing Offer?

So, why is it that offline marketing is so important when most people you are marketing to will have a computer, or at least, a smart phone or tablet? The best thing about offline marketing and online marketing is that they can complement one another. Let’s look at some of the benefits below:

  • It’s Eye-Catching – Chances are that you have driven down the street and seen a realtor sign or a sign for a landscaping company. Perhaps you have considered having landscaping done on your property and you want to know the companies available in your area. Yes, you could go online to search, and it’s possible that you have. But when you see a sign on a homeowner’s lawn, you can see for yourself what kind of work they do. And a realtor sign will tell you what houses are for sale and who is selling them.
  • It Helps Define a Boundary – Signs are a very handy way that you can market to the people who are in your service area. If you only serve certain neighborhoods or towns, you can put signs up in those areas. 
  • It Can Easily Fit Any Budget – One of the best things about offline marketing is that you can find a type that can fit any budget. For instance, business cards are a very popular option because they can be ordered in large quantities for low prices, come in a variety of colors and options, hold a wealth of information, and can be taken with you anywhere you go. This makes it very easy to hand out when the opportunity arises. Another popular option are postcards, like the ones from SendJim. These are handy for sending out promotions and getting new customers.


If you have an online marketing plan, you’re off to a good start. But, don’t forget to go old-school with offline marketing. Find the perfect offline marketing products through SendJim or UZ Marketing and increase your reach and bottom-line.

Let’s look at some offline marketing materials.


Offline Marketing Product Options

  • Yard Signs – This is one of the most popular items for offline marketing. They come in a lot of different sizes for you to choose from. They ship for free and make a very popular and visible option for many types of businesses. With 855RILAWNS, we use 18″x24″ size yards signs. We stick them at major public intersections and it generates a lot of our leads!
  • Business Cards – This is an offline marketing item that every business owner should have. This little piece of paper is so valuable, because it comes in many different options, and it can hold all of your information. Simply give it to people and they have your contact information. You can also post these on bulletin boards in supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants.
  • Door Hangers –A door hanger can be used in many different ways. For example, you can use them to let new potential customers know that you have a sale going on. Or, if you have gone to a customer’s house and they weren’t home, it’s a way to say, “Sorry we missed you!” These also give your employees something productive to do if they run out of work, and help you build route density so you can operate more efficiently.
  • Vehicle Magnets – This one is a no-brainer. Your employees are driving around to customers’ houses. Why not make their vehicles a rolling billboard on the way? Vehicle magnets are a great way to do this since they are easily removed and they don’t need any special ability to put on, like a vehicle wrap. They also make it easy for customers to identify an employee.  Many of our customers say “saw a truck” is how they found us. If you don’t have decals on your trucks, how do they know who to call?
  • T-shirts – This goes along with the vehicle magnets above. When your employees are wearing these, they’re a great walking billboard for your business. They also help customers to identify an employee as part of your company and makes them highly visible. These are used a lot in the retail business sector, but they can also be used in service businesses such as plumbing, landscaping and others.
Door hangers are easy, cheap, and effective

SendJim Offline Marketing Options

SendJim offers a variety of options, from brownies that you can send to your customers, to postcards to voicemail bombs. While postcards are a great option to send out en masse, the tasty brownies are more of a gift to send someone when you want to show appreciation or send some other type of message. 

SendJim’s fudgy, delicious brownies are a great way to send a tasty message to a customer.
yard signs
At 855RILAWNS, we get these yard signs with stands for about $3 delivered from UZmarketing, and put out hundreds at at time, at major intersections in our work areas. We change the signs with the season.

Offline Marketing Complements Online Marketing

Some people believe that since you have a good online marketing plan that you don’t need offline marketing. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Offline marketing doesn’t compete with online marketing; it complements it. 

Some people act after they see a single advertisement. But, there are some people you almost have to hit over the head with your offers before they finally get the idea that, yes, they would like that service or product that you are offering. Here are some ways that offline and online marketing work together:

  1. Increases the Chances of Being Seen – Maybe one spouse doesn’t go on Facebook a lot due to work or other responsibilites. They didn’t see your ad on Facebook. But, maybe they’re the one who brings in the mail and gets the postcard.
  2. Market Special Deals to More People – This goes along with the one above. Yes, you have your sale on your website or your Facebook page. But, not everyone sees them. But ,when you use offline marketing to send out coupons, special deals and more, you are reaching a much wider audience.
  3. Research What Works Best – One of the great things about offline marketing is that you can use it to figure out what is going to work best for your needs. For instance, you can have a dedicated phone number that you post on lawn signs. Or, if you send out postcards, you can have a specific promo code that is just for the postcards. This way, you know how many people are reached by your offline marketing and its effectiveness. 


In conclusion, offline marketing is just as important as online marketing. It can’t replace online marketing, and online marketing can’t replace offline marketing. Rather, both of them complement each other and work perfectly in-sync. If you want help with your online marketing, Ready Business Systems offers Facebook Marketing and Google AdWords management services.