The Art of the Blog – Making Yours Stand Out

So, you have decided to create a blog for your business. This is a great first step. You’re on a path that can help your business succeed. Now, I’m going to give you some tips that can help your blog to be a success and help your business to succeed as well.


Blog Photographs

Your photograph is what will help you tell your story on your blog. For example, say you are doing a blog about the different types of weeds that your readers might encounter. One of the best things that you can do is add pictures with the name of each weed. This way people don’t have to go looking it up themselves. 


Now is not the time to go all fancy with the font you choose. A good font choice is Times New Roman in size 14. This is a nice, easy-to-read font that most people will enjoy. When you have something important to say the last thing you want is for someone to squint while reading it or worry that your blog says dumbbell when it says bluebell. Let’s face it, there are some crazy fonts available. Of course, if you are using WordPress, you can simply choose the paragraph option to have a nice, clean-styled font.

Blog Subheadings

Now, while we’re on the subject of style and fonts, let’s talk about subheadings. These are important words or phrases that break up your blog. Heading 2 is usually the format used for subheadings. That’s the one I use for all of my subheadings on the blogs. It’s simple, clean, and effective.


Finally, let’s talk about the length of your blogs. When you’re writing, now’s not the time for a dissertation. First of all, people don’t have time to read it. Secondly, your precious time will be wasted because people won’t read it. Generally, 500-750 words is a good length. If you have things to say that will use more words, see my next point.

Other Things in Blogs

Sometimes you need to give people a lot of information. For example, maybe you want to give people information about when to plant certain flowers. Or perhaps you want to tell them about the different types of plants and the type of soil, sun, etc they need. Now’s the perfect time to use a table in your blog. It makes it easy to break things down and isn’t as overwhelming.

Well, there you have it – the art of the blog. If you are interested in having your blogs written by us, get in contact with us. We’ll be happy to show you what we can do.


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