Here at Ready Business Systems we offer many free downloads for your enjoyment:

General Freebies

  • RBS Guide to Freedom Ebook- Download our Guide to Freedom today for best practices and solutions to run an efficient, profitable company, and live a balanced life.
  • Pricing Worksheet– Our free pricing worksheet will calculate what you need to charge per hour on your services to guarantee a profit at the end of the year.
  • Sales Person Commission Calculator– How much commission should you pay your sales person? Our free spreadsheet will help you calculate a number that will ensure they cover their own salary first!

Service Autopilot Specific Freebies

  • Lead Generation Report– Downloadable report to show where your leads are coming from
  • Paper Timesheet– Our free, downloadable paper time sheet is designed to compliment Service Autopilot’s digital time tracking system.
  • Overseeding Service + Warranty– Includes verbiage to protect your business on on your seeding service.
  • Job Applicant Capture Automation– This automation includes a job application which will create new leads in your system and tag them based on the position they apply for.
  • Fall Cleanup Marketing– Ok, this one is not free, but may as well be at only $99- A quick, effective automation to sell your fall cleanup service to your clients and leads database.

Free Stuff from Ready Business Systems

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