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Here at Ready Business Systems, we offer many free downloads for your enjoyment. By downloading any of our free material, you are authorizing RBS to occasionally send you marketing material.

General Freebies

RBS Guide to Freedom

Ebook- Download our Guide to Freedom today for best practices and solutions to run an efficient, profitable company, and live a balanced life.

Pricing Worksheet

Our free pricing worksheet will calculate what you need to charge per hour on your services to guarantee a profit at the end of the year.

Sales Person Commission Calculator

How much commission should you pay your sales person? Our free spreadsheet will help you calculate a number that will ensure they cover their own salary first!

Employee Handbook

Download a free copy of an employee handbook template outlining the policies and procedures of your company.

Project Tracking Worksheet

Keep tabs on your project budgets based on price, labor rate, materials, subcontractors, and equipment rental. More information here..

Service Autopilot Specific Freebies

Lead Generation Report

Downloadable report to show where your leads are coming from

Paper Timesheet

Our free, downloadable paper time sheet is designed to compliment Service Autopilot’s digital time tracking system.

Overseeding Service + Warranty

Includes verbiage to protect your business on on your seeding service.

Job Applicant Capture Automation

This automation includes a job application which will create new leads in your system and tag them based on the position they apply for.

Remote Sales Documents

These are the three secret tactics we use in my landscaping company 855RILAWNS, to make sure we never underbid a job using these remote pricing strategies.

Fall Cleanup Marketing

Ok, this one is not free, but may as well be at only $99- A quick, effective automation to sell your fall cleanup service to your clients and leads database.

Gusto Payroll Review Conclusion

Overall, Gusto is a very powerful HR system and does much more than just offer the best automated payroll service. Gusto provides a powerful admin portal, employee portal, days off requests, on-boarding contracts, survey systems, birthdays, and is still growing and adding more features!

Gusto’s price is $39/month plus $6/mo, per employee. For us, it was about 15% more than our old-school full payroll service, but so worth it for the employee self on-boarding alone! There are no setup fees, no contracts, and is super easy to get started.

By signing up for Gusto through our link you will not only get 30 days free, but you will also get an Amazon gift card for a minimum of a $100!

For more information, please see our Gusto Payroll review on YouTube: