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Setting clear expectations

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In business, setting expectations is very important. Clear expectations insure that everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to do and they are on the same page. Without clear expectations, it is left up to the imagination of everyone and there … Continued

Dumb-proofing the business

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There are some daily frustrations we all face, and one of mine is simple things that continually are problems in the company. I have found that it is best to dumb-proof anything and everything that is possible to dumb-proof in … Continued

How to filter out bad leads

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Many leads and phone calls come in on a regular basis, and the demand peaks during the busier times of the year. Being lesser staffed with the overhead this year, we were forced to make processes more efficient and focus … Continued

Going to be a good year

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We have been working hard and are ready for a big year. I realize that in hindsight one of the biggest problems last year was that things were out of control. This year I feel like things are under much … Continued

Cross Training

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Last year one of the things we actually did RIGHT was cross training. Really, out of necessity it happened. I didn’t plan on cross training, but being short handed in certain positions I was forced to cross train. We had … Continued

direct mail conversion rates

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according to SA, we got 32 total clients/leads from source: direct mail in 2015. 18 of these leads were converted to clients so thats 56% win rate on these estimates from direct mail .02% response rate (32 leads out of … Continued

Importance of enforcing rules

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A major lesson I learned this year- the importance of enforcing rules and policies you set. When our trailblazer came and visited us, he kept mentioning suggestions on how to do things better. He would say something like, “you should … Continued