How to Build the Perfect Blog

In the past, I have written some blogs about blogging and why it’s good for your business. Today, I am going to tell you about my philosophy on how to write a blog and how the different parts fit together 

In short, I look at a blog like a nice meal you get at a restaurant. There are three parts to it:

  1. The introduction/appetizer
  2. The middle/the main course
  3. The conclusion/the dessert

Let’s look at these separately.

The Introduction or “Appetizer” of the Blog

blog appetizer

Let’s look first at the beginning of the blog. When you go to a restaurant and you order an appetizer, it whets your appetite for your meal. It gets you excited for what’s to come. Whether it’s a bowl of soup, a salad, or something else, it’s getting you ready for your main meal. However, not everyone who goes out to eat has the time or the desire to have an appetizer.

The same thing goes for an introduction on your blog. It’s there and it’s important. Search engines pick it up and help people find your site. But most people don’t have the time to read it. 

The Middle or ‘Main Course”

Now, the middle of your blog is what I like to call the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the blog. This is where you p the information that people can really sink their teeth into. This is what people come to read. They may not have time for the introduction or the conclusion, but they always have time for dinner. That’s why you need to put a lot of thought and care into the center of your blog. This is what people will be reading the most and what is going to capture their attention.

The Conclusion or ‘Dessert’ of the Blog

Finally, we have come to dessert or the blog’s conclusion. So, you’re out to eat. You’ve finished a big, delicious meal, and the dessert looks so tempting. But you are just full. You simply can’t eat another bite. No matter how good the dessert is, you just can’t do it.

The same may go for your blog reader. Like we discussed earlier about not having the time to read the introduction, many people aren’t going to read the conclusion of your blog. That’s not to say that it isn’t important. You still want to write and it ‘offer’ it to them, as a waitress offers you dessert or a final cup of coffee. Because the truth is, that there is always the chance that someone will read your conclusion. It also helps with SEO.

I hope that you enjoyed this comparison of a blog to a meal at a restaurant. It may seem a bit unorthodox, but it does make sense, I think. Thank you for taking the time to read our email. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or you would like to know more about our blog writing services.  

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