A Simple Guide to Business Financing Options

business financing

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When you are looking for a small business loan, you want to know is that there are different types. Knowing the kinds of loans available and what they entail will help you choose the one that is right for you. The one thing to know is that they’re not all the same. To have a better chance of being approved, you want to apply for the right type of loan. Below are the common types of business financing.

business loans

Business Financing in Installments

These kinds of loans, also called term loans, are given to you in a lump sum. Then you pay them the money back regularly in installments or intervals, along with interest.

Short-Term Business Financing Loans

These types of loans are given in one sum and then you pay it back regularly during a short amount of time. Rather than earning interest, short-term loans have a fee that’s added to your repayment amount.

Business Lines of Credit 

With this, you are granted a particular amount that can be drawn from as you need it.

Merchant Cash Advances

Even though these aren’t technically loans, they’re a kind of financing where a business sells future receivables and gets immediate

Invoice Factoring

Even though this isn’t technically a type of business loan, you sell unpaid invoices for less to get cash immediately.

Before you decide, you want to figure out which of these methods is going to be best for you. It’s a bad idea to waste time filling applications out for loans that aren’t right for your needs or business. When you apply for the correct loan type, you are going to have a better chance of being approved.

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