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Daily Business Blog

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Today I decided I am going to start recording the daily business activities of what I am working on to develop the business. In the past, this blog was just for Q and A of people that visit my site. … Continued

Contract Templates

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Q: Where can I get (preferably download directly to my Mac) templates for (1) a lawn care service agreement and (2) a “construction” type contract for landscape work? Thanks. A: I know this lawn care ebook has some templates outside … Continued

Start Lawn Mowing Business

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Q: Yes ive been really interested in starting my own lawn care business and am really interested in learing what all i really need 2 do to get this started? Heck i even came up with a catchy name as … Continued

Lawn Mowing Spreadsheet

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Q: I really love this website. I’m 19 yrs old and wanting to start up my own landscaping and lawncare business. You’ve answered all my questions but I’m just wondering what your spreadsheets look like for estimates, scheduling, etc.? If … Continued

Getting Started

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Q: My husband has started a lawn business. He has approximately 15 yards so far. I help him when I can. I need to know where to start as far as taxes, business licenses, etc. My friend gave me Quickbooks, I … Continued

Profit for Lawn Mowing

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Q: Hi, I wrote earlier requesting finl statments. If you are uncomfortable sending financial statements, I understand. What might your core profit be on just lawns? As a Percent? Im modeling off of 30 accounts and, EBITDA is barely at a … Continued