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Service Autopilot Help

“What do you do?”

A very typical question people ask one another when they first meet. It used to be a very simple answer for me: “I run a landscaping company.” But lately I have had trouble answering this question. 

I currently work from home about 25 hours per week. Of that, I spend about 5 hours a week on my landscaping company, 2 hours per week on my growing real estate business (I own an Airbnb and a few duplexes), and my primary focus this year has been building Ready Business Systems. 

During my free time I play on a couple volleyball leagues, kiteboard, mountain bike, ride my motorcycle, spend time with friends and family, and travel to escape Rhode Island’s brutal winters.

But, it wasn’t always this way…

bout 3 years ago, I really hated my job. My landscaping company was a prison I had built around myself that I couldn’t stand; it lost money, I was always stressed out, and I was burnt out from the employee drama. All these problems rolled over into my personal life and made me very unhappy. But I got out!



Fast forward to today, and I am happy as ever running the company! Through technology (and focused determination), I have successfully removed myself from the day to day of my landscaping business which was no easy feat! I now spend my time doing the work I enjoy and excel at instead of the work I have to do. 

Whether you are trying to exit your business to continue on a new venture, grow your business, or just want more free time, Ready Business Systems can help you get there! 

We provide infrastructure for businesses including:

  • Service Autopilot Initial Setup and Training
  • 14 downloadable Business Automations
  • Fortune 500 Phone System
  • Business Consulting
  • SendJim Integration
  • Gusto Payroll

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