Landscaping company mechanic

Today I dealt with a couple issues. First, I met with my office manager for a few hours to go over our chart of accounts and some other miscellaneous odds and ends. Secondly, I was managing our mechanic. This is the first year we have had a company mechanic. His job is to maintain the […]

Chart of Accounts

I have spent a decent amount of time trying to perfect our chart of accounts, specifically cost of goods sold versus expenses. I had been taking information found in a PLANET book on pricing, taking considerations of my mentor’s chart of accounts for his company, and our office manager. Basically, in accounting, there are 3 […]

Hiring Process

Lately I have been focusing a lot of my energy on developing the policies for the company. I have been using Google Drive as the center of the entire handbook. Rather than creating a paper handbook for the company, it is all in the cloud. Each process has its own google drive spreadsheet, with links […]

Daily Business Blog

Today I decided I am going to start recording the daily business activities of what I am working on to develop the business. In the past, this blog was just for Q and A of people that visit my site. Alongside that, I will be putting up posts of current day to day operations.

Contract Templates

Q: Where can I get (preferably download directly to my Mac) templates for (1) a lawn care service agreement and (2) a “construction” type contract for landscape work? Thanks. A: I know this lawn care ebook has some templates outside of that I am not sure you’ll have to google it.

Start Lawn Mowing Business

Q: Yes ive been really interested in starting my own lawn care business and am really interested in learing what all i really need 2 do to get this started? Heck i even came up with a catchy name as well. Was wondering if you could give me sum input or advice at what i […]

Vehicle Magnetic Signs

Q: Is it illegal to put my name and my number on a magnetic sign on the side of my truck to try to get lawns to mow for the summer. I am in highschool A: Not that I am aware of and I don’t see why it would be. I see many vehicles like […]

Average Price to Mow Lawn

Q: When you say that your service is close to $33.00 per customer…does that include both front lawn and back lawn. Or is this price just for the front? So for a standard lawn size with edging and let’s say they want both the back and the front done….what would be the average cost for […]

Lawn Mowing Spreadsheet

Q: I really love this website. I’m 19 yrs old and wanting to start up my own landscaping and lawncare business. You’ve answered all my questions but I’m just wondering what your spreadsheets look like for estimates, scheduling, etc.? If you would post something and let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you […]

Rent or Buy Equipment

Q: Hello! i am just starting off and was wondering if i should rent or buy equipment and how, where can i rent or buy. Thank you!!!! A:Hi Mustafa, I am not of anywhere where you can rent equipment, but a good place to buy used equipment would be on craigislist.. Here you can find a good […]