How Businesses Can Take Advantages of Gusto Payroll Services

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Serving more than 40,000 small businesses nationwide, Gusto is a full-service platform used for workers’ compensation, benefits, and payroll. Also, Gusto offers employee benefit plans solution is states like Washington, Texas, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, and California. As an entirely cloud-based platform, Gusto also provides software integration with platforms such as QuickBooks and Xero.

With Gusto payroll services, it has never been more comfortable with tax filing. Federal, state, and local taxes are filed automatically. And after each payroll run, you can automatically account for tax liabilities with the Xero and Gusto integration.

  • Processing 1099s and payments are automatic for freelancers
  • For all of your employees that are in Gusto, W-2s are automatically available and filed
  • You will get alert for information on critical year-end dates

Human Resources

A lot of work comes with onboarding new employees, including managing employee data and paid time off requests. With Gusto payroll services, you can reduce the time spent on these HR tasks.

  • Through a singular platform, you can manage time-off requests to automatically track accruals and balances through Gusto
  • You can store W-4/1-9 for new employees, and there are e-sign options for them through Gusto’s paperless self-boarding
  • You can access all the data of your employee on one secure platform

Employee Health Benefits

With an easy-to-use and all-in-one benefits platform, Gusto provides a modern approach to health benefits. As a business owner, you can decide which plans best suit your employees with Gusto’s smart recommendations.

  • Employees have the support of a licensed advisor
  • Can add additional benefits easily
  • Online enrollment for employee
  • Easy to use employer contribution options

Pay-As-You-Go Compensation for Workers

When you’re running a business, a necessary item you must have in place is workers’ compensation insurance, as you probably already know. And within minutes, you can quickly implement policies.

  • Self-service with online enrollment
  • Stay updated on local, state, and federal requirement additions/changes
  • Instead of one lump sum, make payments with each pay cycle
  • Receive an instant estimate as you apply in minutes

Completely Automated Payroll

Employees can now enjoy the ability to onboard themselves to your business’s payroll process through the Gusto platform. You won’t have to worry about missing paydays as you schedule automatic recurring payroll with an easy-to-setup payroll process. 

  • You can efficiently run bonuses and off-cycle payroll for as many times as needed
  • If a payroll run is missed, run payroll late for an expedited process, you only need to click, “I need it sooner.”
  • From your company’s account, funds for payroll are automatically debited and processed within 2 to 4 days
  • Employees’ paystubs can be easily printed, downloaded, and accessed

You may step up the game by finding efficiently managed payroll services if you want to enjoy all the benefits of Gusto payroll services. And regardless of the size or industry, you can still have all these benefits from Gusto payroll services.