How to Use Service Autopilot Wall Clock

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Justin with Ready Business Systems. I’m going over Service Autopilot Wall Clock. Wall clock mode looks exactly like this, you can punch in and out just like you would on a conventional system that punch in and out of your time sheets. This may be good for employees who don’t have access to service pilot but you want them to build a log on time and punch in and out. So, they don’t need access to the mobile website and they don’t need an access to the typical administrative site where they can punch in and out here. So, this is just for any employee, maybe a temporary employee that shows up if you want to punch in. Just give them a pin and they can punch themselves in and out and record their time and accounting time sheets here. So, in order to enable this, where you going to find it is in the icon here, “Wall Clock Mode”, but you won’t see this unless it is enabled. So, we’re going to the ‘Settings’, and logged me out here. So, we’re going to the ‘Settings’. We’re going to the ‘User’s Roles and Rights’. And if we want all the managers to use the wall clock, you need to click on them or whatever role this is. Accounting, and right here, view wall clock. This thing has to be checked off to enable it. The second thing you need to do is going to the actual employee screen themselves. Go to the ‘Team’ then ‘Employees’.

Now whichever employees you want to be able to use this ‘Service Autopilot Wall Clock Mode’; now that you’ve enabled it for that role, you need to have that role set up. Click the employee’s name. Edit. Also, this is the screen where you are going to set up the pin as well. ‘User Settings’, as you can see, the ‘User Role: Manager’ that needs to line up with the role that you set under the ‘User Roles’ on rights that you enable the wall clock. So, you’re going to set it to ‘Manager’.

Under payroll job costing, this is where you set the pin. Typically, this pen is going to start out as 0000. It will give you an error if you try type that in here. This going to do exactly like this and you’re going to wonder why it’s not working. The pen default is four zeroes, but it won’t let you log-in with four zeroes. You need to set up the pin first. Once you’ve set this pin, you can now log in. It’s going to bring up a punch in and out screen and you can clock-in and clock-out. They clock-in for the day, for example, they’re done working, then they can clock-out. So, that’s how it works. It is pretty easy, but you need to know how to enable it. That’s the purpose of this video is. Check out the website:, if you don’t currently have Service Autopilot, we can get you set-up and waive your set-up fees. So, definitely reach out to us there. Catch you next time! I hope you learned about the Service Autopilot Wall Clock.

How to Use Service Autopilot Wall Clock

service autopilot wall clock

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