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Hiring a Shop Mechanic

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Last year was my first year hiring a mechanic. It didn’t go perfectly, but I learned a lot so am much more prepared to hire our next mechanic. Our first mechanic was a student at a nearby school. An extremely … Continued

Direct Mail

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Direct mail is an effective method of advertising. In the past, I have been less than satisfied with my response to direct mailings. They are THE most expensive way for us to obtain leads, but it is important to remember … Continued

Lawn Care Marketing in Newspapers

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I love marketing, it is one of my favorite parts of running a business. Every year I like to try something new- In 2015 it will be newspaper stickers. These stickers go on the very front of the local newspapers … Continued

Billing & Collections

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In the landscaping industry, most people bill once per month after the work is completed. This means that if a company starts working for a customer June 1, they cut the lawn weekly the month of June, they will send … Continued

Quickbooks Budgeting Software

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Creating a budget becomes more and more important as your company grows. I did not start using a budget until last year. It started when I bought a house- my liabilities went up and I wanted to make sure I … Continued

Landscaping company mechanic

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Today I dealt with a couple issues. First, I met with my office manager for a few hours to go over our chart of accounts and some other miscellaneous odds and ends. Secondly, I was managing our mechanic. This is … Continued

Chart of Accounts

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I have spent a decent amount of time trying to perfect our chart of accounts, specifically cost of goods sold versus expenses. I had been taking information found in a PLANET book on pricing, taking considerations of my mentor’s chart … Continued