Fall Clean up Marketing

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Fall Cleanup Marketing

I am going to be showing you how to install RBS 04E– Fall Clean up Marketing. There’s also a thrive version of this made for the conference which is the same thing. To download this automation, what you are going to do is you are going to log into my service autopilot account.

Go to marketplace. If it’s not, you can search in the search bar for RBS–04E and it will pull this up. The purpose of this is to make it very easy to install this in your account.

Download Fall Clean up

This button here and if you are watching this video for RBS 04E– Fall Clean up Marketing. You’ve already made payment and filled out the form. Once you downloaded it, all you have to do is you go to marketing automations.

These emails are pre-setup. They are just basic templates. If you’d like to customize them, you can. The first email is going to go out on 11/5, the next email will go out on 11/15. Next email, 11/23.

If you want to edit these emails that are going out, you can go to this gear icon. Open up your settings. Go to documents. You could open these up and you could edit them.

You can click these buttons to turn the automation off. Email to: implementation at readybusinesssystems.com.

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