Applying Band-Aids or fixing problems

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Applying Band-Aids or fixing problems. I was thinking the idea on how easy it is to waste time. A couple of ideas came together, the first one is that I went to the shop the other day and I was there when the guys getting out. I saw a trailer pull up in the front of garage the mechanic came out and the inflated the tire. I went back into the pit and saw one trailer has a broken jack and didn’t have a jack on it. How do you lift the trailer? 

How to fix the problem

Applying Band-Aids or fixing problems. You have to bring an outside jack or put a block so couple of people lift it but obviously there’s some waste of time there. Lastly I  saw one of the dump trucks had a broken dumb body like it was fall of debris in the back. The dump handle didn’t work. Open the dump-truck it can dump it out you have to shovel it up. When I spoke with the mechanic I ask them how long this stuff been like this and he said “We don’t have spare tires and we don’t have spare tires doesn’t have a chance to get into the body while waiting our parts”.

Essentially you just have to put bandage on. I said to him” you need to get on top of things because you just repetitive things and you’re just wasting time. “You just constantly try to fix and put bandage on the same kind of things and have some problems”.

Habitually you’re just wasting time and money”. That is one thing you keep in mind. How many bandages you’re putting than fixing problems. The same note I recently moved and modify my basement. Busy getting situated with everything else that life has. Everyday I was going out to the basement and empty the humidifier, I do it on the next day. Dig the humidifier and it wasn’t a big deal. 2-3 minutes a day but everyday I was doing that for a couple of weeks.

And every time I did it, I have to look it up to the  drain. I got to automate this. If you cross that to your business, if you manually do everything that can be automated.


Automating your business, automation is the exact same thing. You can manually send email and can save your time in a short run because buying that pump and installing that pump that make it an hour. It’s an investment of your time because you put an hour and now you can save 3 minutes indefinitely and maybe you break after a year.

It’s the same thing you got to put it a time it’s like you hire an employee you overwhelm. You’re doing all the work. You don’t have time to hire another employee because actually it can have more time when you first can start it.

It is the same thing with automation, you spent time get started and it can take more of your energy. But then it can be an investment when things start paying off. And the same goes the more that you’ve do eventually you’re saving 3 minutes here. 5-10 minutes there now you’re here. And then all of a sudden your business you have all the free time.

That applies in all aspect of life but I want to stretch across the business. keeping an eye for leaks in your business, any bad processes.

What to ask yourself about business automation

Think about what you can automate anything you do repetitively. There’s no alternative solutions that you can have it done. The first thing you’ve do if you do something over and over. If you do 2nd or 3rd time you should be thinking, “How can I not do this anymore? “The first approach will be this, in the case of the humidifier, “Is there mechanical robotic solution that can solve this for me?”. “Is there a software solution that can solve this”.

If there’s not, there’s something that you can outsource to low cost labor rather than yourself to provide high value to the business to provide high charge rate. In the case of dig humidifier, you can buy somebody to do it, in case of the email you can automate a software. In case of anything else, the process of the guy earlier. Maybe you can train some human to do for a lower cost rather than you to do that to your business. Subscribe or checkout the website at

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