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How to fix wrong GPS location in Service Autopilot

Hey guys, Justin, with Ready Business Systems. Today I am going to go over a common
problem of service autopilot in which the crews are getting routed to the wrong location and how to fix wrong gps location service autopilot.

So, if you are running into this problem where in your cruise are trying to navigate using the mobile app on service autopilot to get into a certain address and they say it’s bringing them into the wrong
address, this is how you fix it.

So, typically, you’re going to ‘More’. ‘Show Client on Map’ and this is going to be the address that they’re going to route them to. In this example, and in here, the address is “po box” and they can’t navigate into a “po box”, but if this was a regular address I’m going to return this address was Exeter Road North Kingstown Rhode Island.

Just an example, but if you show on map and it’s not showing that house. It’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s not on one of these houses. This is what it would look like so if your crew is telling you “It’s not
navigating to the right address. I can’t find the house.” This is the problem, and I am going to tell you how to fix wrong gps location service autopilot.

You’re just going to do ‘More’, ‘Show on Map’ It’s going to show the pin over here. This is where it’s trying to navigate them into the mobile app and it’s not what you want.

How to Fix problem with Service Autopilot GPS

So, what are you going to do, is you’re going to go to ‘Google Maps’ and let’s say, in this example, I was going to say Exeter Road, but it doesn’t really matter, but if the pin was out here, we’re going to ‘select’ where we want to go and we’re going to ‘right click’ and we’re going to click ‘What’s here?’.

It’s going to pull up these GPS coordinates, so, ‘right click’, ‘What’s here?”, I’m just going to pull up these
GPS coordinates. You copy them and then you are going to edit your client here and you’re
going to go on ‘Details’ and here’s the latitude and longitudes and you’re going to correct those.

And now, that’s it. You fixed it. Now, when your cruise navigates, they’re going to be sent to
these correct coordinates. So, that’s what I want to show you. A common thing that happens. I
don’t know why.

A lot of times, they are perfectly normal addresses and for whatever reason,
Service Autopilot is not working, but that’s how you fix this problem. Any questions post them

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you guys next time!

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