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direct mail conversion rates

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according to SA, we got 32 total clients/leads from source: direct mail in 2015. 18 of these leads were converted to clients so thats 56% win rate on these estimates from direct mail .02% response rate (32 leads out of … Continued

Importance of enforcing rules

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A major lesson I learned this year- the importance of enforcing rules and policies you set. When our trailblazer came and visited us, he kept mentioning suggestions on how to do things better. He would say something like, “you should … Continued

Commercial Maintenance Equipment

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Currently, for each crew, we provide three different lawn mowers: 1) Primary mower Each crew has a primary mower which is a 52″ hydro Ferris. The favorites are the 52″ walk behinds (pictured above). We also have a Ferris 52″ … Continued