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Shop Equipment

To properly service your landscaping equipment, you will need the proper tools. Below is a list of the equipment we have in our shop and what it is used for.

Properly maintaining your equipment on a regular basis is essential to keep your equipment in top notch running condition, and avoid costly repairs and down time. Below is how I maintain my equipment based on my experience and discussions with other industry professionals which may vary from your manufacturer recommendations.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Lawn mowers are the bread and butter of our company so we maintain them religiously.

commercial lawn mower maintenance
Ferris 52″ walkbehind lawn mower being serviced on a Havener Enterprises Cliplift

Every 25 hours or once a week: Lube grease fittings on primary wear items which includes front caster wheels and hubs, blade spindles, and mower sulkys. Sharpen mower blades. Blow out air filter from the inside out. Blow grass off machine. Scrape grass from bottom of deck.

Every 50 hours: Change engine oil and filter.

Early summer and fall: Replace air filter(s), grease all grease fittings.

Every 500 hours or once a season: Change hydraulic fluid and filters.  Change fuel filter. Change air filter. Change spark plug. Winterize machine by either adding a fuel stabilizer or draining the fuel.


Vehicle Maintenance

Without your trucks, you aren’t able to do any work unless you are going to walk to all your customers’ houses and carry debris away on your back. We base this maintenance schedule on 10,000 miles per year.

Weekly: Check fluids/oil level.

Every 3000 miles or 3 months: Change engine oil & filter.

Spring: Change fuel filter (diesel).  Test battery.

Fall: Change air filter. Check brakes & brake lines. Tire rotation.

Two Cycle Equipment Maintenance:

Two cycle equipment such as chain saws, weed wackers, and blowers require very little maintenance as long as you are always correctly mixing the oil, using name brand 2 stroke oil, and using high octane fuel.

Early summer and fall: Grease grease fittings; check/clean air filter

Fall:  Change fuel filter. Change air filter. Change spark plug. Winterize machine by either adding a fuel stabilizer or draining the fuel.

Non-engine Equipment Maintenance

This refers to trailers, wheel barrows, fertilizer spreaders, etc. Equipment that does not have an engine but still requires TLC.

Early summer and fall: Lube grease fittings. Clean machine of debris. Check air pressure.


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