Project Management 101: Jobber vs Service Autopilot

jobber vs service autopilot

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This is a review of jobber vs service autopilot, to give you an insight into what is the best software for your business. Managing projects is a complex, difficult and challenging task. With so many sub-tasks to handle, sometimes simultaneously, it’s only a job of a competent project management software to juggle these tasks capably.

One real issue that managers have to face is the selection of the right software program to do their project management. Especially when you have 2-3 high-tier choices lined up, it can seem daunting to choose one software. Both Jobber and Service Autopilot have been the talk for being one of the most used project management software. Let’s resolve this issue with a Jobber versus Service Autopilot comparison that will hopefully clear the air. Or at least help you in-part reducing the analysis paralysis.

Jobber’s Project Management Software

The two main parameters that help you choose your project management software are number and quality of functions as well as the pricing. So, let’s take a look at Jobber’s features and how well they stand up to the industry requirements.

1. Quick Team Assignments

Jobber enables team leaders and managers to assign tasks to their subordinates quickly and efficiently. After a task has been created, the manager can notify his team regarding the latest job posting.

2. Generating E-Mail Payments

This is like your monthly invoice, where you can generate payments and integrate them with your email. Not just that, the software also allows you to send them a link to the payment portal.

3. CRM Features

Jobber also allows you to set automatic client reminders with their email. It also allows you to import client list and client information from your older system.

4. Easy Scheduling

All you have to do is to choose a client, create a job and then assign the job to our team. This helps you streamline your assignment processes.

Service Autopilot Project Management Software

The comparison between jobber vs service autopilot discussion doesn’t end here. Now we would like you to take a look at the features provided by Service AutoPilot.

1. Automated Billing

The application provides you an automated billing option with online payment option. This enables you to streamline your billing and payment receipt process after the completion of a job.

2. Mobile App Access

This is perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the application. You can access the application from your smartphone which helps you access and edit the software on the go.

3. Job Costing

The application provides you with features that help you calculate the possible estimated cost of the job.

4. Track Your Employee

You can now track your employees when they are on the go. This feature helps you especially for employees like salespersons. You can be sure that your employees are not slacking off and doing their job.

Takeaway: the ultimate project management software

These are some points you can consider while choosing your project management software by comparing Jobber versus Service Autopilot. It clearly depends upon what you really need since both the software bring their own specialties to the table. If you are more inclined towards automating systems, you better go for Jobber. On the other hand, if you want to optimize your functions, Service Autopilot will work better for you.

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