Jobber vs Service Autopilot Review

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service autopilot vs jobber

Jobber - Evergreen 300x250If you’re looking for an ideal software to manage your business, this service autopilot vs Jobber review is here to help. How do you select the best one? And how do you know which software is suited for which kind of tasks? Read on to find out more.


Service Autopilot vs Jobber: Purpose and Tasks

Running a business involves critical back-office operations, which require efficient handling. Cloud-based field service software like Jobber and Service Autopilot can be a boom to your business. they help you manage logistical operations successfully. Firstly, Jobber, the popular cloud software, assists small and medium businesses to organize scheduling, invoicing CRM and team management. While Service Autopilot is a cloud-based field service solution for lawn care, landscape maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Although both of these applications have unique advantages, the former is designed to cater to small-scale operations. This makes it ideal for small enterprises. In case you are wondering what’s suitable for your company, take a cue from the Service Autopilot vs Jobber comparative review and make an informed decision.

Service Autopilot vs Jobber: Workflow and User Interface

Jobber has a user-friendly interface, and it’s super easy to use. In order to create a task request in Jobber, you need to first convert it to a quote. Once you have generated the quote, you can convert it to a job and an invoice subsequently. Jobber boasts of an intuitive and feature-rich service software.

Additionally, Jobber’s search function is one of its attractive features. It’s simple to use and effortless. As for Service Autopilot, the user interface is more traditional. Although Service Autopilot’s clumsy appearance can turn off users, it’s valued for its functionality and efficiency. Service Autopilot is conducive to sales workers, as it makes a subtle differentiation between a lead and a client.

Furthermore, Jobber’s navigation is pretty simple. Since there are no overwhelming links, you can operate it effortlessly. Its simple homepage comes with “Search Here” option, and it’s no cluttered with too many distractions. Service Autopilot has huge software and it’s not easy to manage. The website accommodates thousands of features, but there is no real dashboard.

Service Autopilot vs Jobber: Features and Functionality

Jobber core features include a number of field services: billing/invoicing, customer service, document Management, time tracking, custom reports, mobile access are only to name a few. Service Autopilot is a large-scale field management service solution, catering to large enterprises. Service Autopilot boasts of an extensive array of services, from lawn care and landscape maintenance to field services.

Also, Service Autopilot features client and lead management, scheduling and dispatching. It equally has routing, mapping, mobile field access, and other notable field services. Jobber offers multi-user capability and unlimited basic users capability. It provides users with FAQs, webinars, and cha. Other useful features also include phone support, video tutorials, email and Jobber academy.

Primary Users and Third-party integrations

Users can integrate Jobber with all types of service applications from Xero and QuickBooks to Stripe and Square. Additionally, users can integrate BrainTree, Paypal,, and MailChimp among others. The target customers are small and medium-sized companies. Jobber comes with Android and iOS mobile integration. Therefore, it is mostly used in accounting and payment processing applications.

Service Autopilot’s primary users are scientific and technological service providers. It’s also good for managing a service business. Aside from web support, it comes with Android and iOS support. Users can integrate service autopilot with QuickBooks. The platform also offers efficient guides, tutorials, and customer support.

Deciding on a suitable field service solution can be a tricky affair, as it requires a number of careful considerations. This Service Autopilot vs Jobber review gives you a good start to know what’s good for your kind of business. Find out all that you can about these field services and consider all the important parameters to make an informed decision for your company.

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