Hiring “A” players

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A couple weeks ago, we terminated our worst guy. We were in such a hiring frenzy for heads this spring that we were taking on anyone that would show up. This resulted in us hiring some less than spectacular players. When things finally slowed down, we noticed our worst guy was generating a charge rate of $17 an hour for us. This didn’t even cover our costs of having him do the work!

So we pulled the plug. Once he left, another “C” player quit. Again, we never should have hired him. He was barely making us money and generating a ton of complaints from customers. We were better off not having him- wish we had just hired a good guy from the start!

Another guy, maybe a “B” player but had some issues, quit on us for a $20 an hour job as an internship as a carpenter. So now we are short handed.

But what we noticed, was that we are now left with all A players! Fantastic! No more customer complaints, and we are making money. Finally. Phew!

Reflecting, what were all common red flags on the guys that sucked that quit or were fired? THEY ALL COMPLAINED! From now on, anyone who complains we are getting rid of right off the bat.

I was talking to my brother the other day about finding people. He recently found a couple good guys. When I asked him where he found them he said indeed.com. He was paying for the ads- I currently run free ads. I thought it was expensive, but he made the point that our people are worth investing in! If we had not hired and trained and lost these 3 guys we hired this spring, we would have a lot more money in our pocket had we hired good people to begin with.

So next year we have to make sure we have the resources on hand for recruiting, making sure we get in the best people.

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