Fortune 500 Phone Systems

Fortune 500 phone systems

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Nowadays, almost every business has a phone system. Fortune 500 Phone Systems can do wonders for your business operations. It helps you to reduce communication costs, to reinforce customer support efforts and boost your productivity. If you are ready to optimize the way you handle your business contact us and we help you to do so! 

Fortune 500 phone systems

Why Fortune 500 Phone Systems can be essential for your business?

You might think about why you should have a phone system for your business when you can just communicate via traditional calls. The reason is that such a platform has amazing advantages and specialized solutions for all your communication needs. Therefore, with Fortune 500 Phone Systems you can improve your customer service and drive higher sales. Additionally, there are many benefits that such phone systems have.

The Benefits of having a Telephone System in your business 

  • Lower Costs

Communication costs are probably a big part of your business budgets. This is why Fortune 500 Phone Systems can be essential for you. An integrated phone system can lower your costs tremendously and simplify the processing of your telephone invoices. It gives you the opportunity to review your charges and identify problems, such as problematic call patterns. Maybe one of your crew members makes many unauthorized personal phone calls while working? With a phone system you can figure it out and manage your costs.

  • Shared Resources

The main advantage of Fortune 500 phone systems is that all your workers are able to share the same voice resources. That means that your employees can simply transfer phone calls to one another which helps your business run smoother. Furthermore, transferring calls directly to other workers can be an amazing benefit to your company.

  • Easy Expansion

After installing a phone system, you can easily scale it up as you need. If you are owning a small business you probably will need a pretty basic phone system that fits your needs. But as you grow you might need to move up to a larger system with more and better features. 

What our plans have to offer? 

Ready Business Systems offers you three great packages that run on monthly subscriptions. All plans include two phone numbers, one custom toll-free number and your existing number which will be ported over. Furthermore, you will have a professional, studio recorded 78-word greeting for your individual company. You will also get a 100-word studio recorded hold message with background music.

This is very essential to make your business look professional and serious to your clients and to your potential clients. With all our plans you will also enjoy unlimited extensions and a courteous live answering service to pick up your phone 24/7 and email or text a summary of your message.

To pick the best plan for your business it depends on how many minutes a month you talk on the phone and how many live messages a month you need.

Our Fortun 500 Phone Systems service also offer add-ons for small additional costs. For example, you can have additional phone numbers, physical desk phones with dedicated phone numbers, additional background music and additional words in greetings. 

Fortune 500 Phone Systems is your business solution!

Go to our website to get started. We are happy to answer your questions and help your business grow.

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