Email Marketing – 6 Subject Line Tips

email marketing

Email marketing – it’s something that every business should look into and consider. However, email marketing is only as effective as how well it’s written. A good email marketing email starts with the subject line. So, we are going to look at six tips that you can use to help with creating the right subject line. 

Email Marketing Subject Line Tip 1 – First Write Your Subject Line 

A huge mistake that people make when writing an email is to forget to create their subject line. When your email comes with no subject line, chances are that it won’t go unread. It also might be lost in an overly crowded inbox. Write your subject line at the beginning. This way you know that it’s there.

Email Marketing Subject Line Tip 2 – Keep the Subject Short

Only around 60 characters in the subject line will be revealed. If the person is reading it on mobile, it will show just 25-30 characters. Make sure that your subject’s just 6-8 words.

Email Marketing Subject Line Tip 3 – Start with What’s Essential

Remember what we said about keeping it short? Got something important to say in your subject line? Put it at the beginning. Otherwise, the important details might be cut off.

Email Marketing Subject Line Tip 4 – Don’t Use Filler Words

You don’t have a lot of space. So you want to avoid using words such as thanks, hello, and great to hear from you. These are all things that you can put easily in your email’s body.

Email Marketing Subject Line Tip 5 – Say if You Need Them to Respond

Your recipient wants to know if it’s necessary to read it now and whether they’ll need to respond. If a response is needed, tell them in your subject line. Say please “Reply” or something similar. If you don’t have to respond, something like “Please read” or put an “FYI”.

Email Marketing Subject Line Tip 6 – Avoid All Caps

Yes, this might make them notice it. But it also could send the wrong message. All caps are the equivalent of yelling. You also don’t want to use it in the email topic. This is just as bad.  You can separate your thoughts using semicolons or dashes.

Well, there you have it, six tips that you can use to help you write a great email marketing subject line. If you are looking for a way that you can send out marketing emails easily, we use Service Autopilot. Click the button below to contact us for more information about email marketing!

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