Offline Advertising – Does Your Sign Help or Hurt Your Business?

offline marketing
offline marketing

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So I am going to do something a little different today. Recently I was visiting my hometown where I grew up. I’d gotten together with some friends to finally do our Christmas get-together. While I was in the area, I noticed that a new restaurant had opened by my house. My mom was driving, so I asked her what the restaurant was.  She answered that it was Nifty Fiftys. 

Now, I knew that restaurant was going up. I even have been to one. However, the sign is EXTREMELY hard to read. Here is a photograph of the actual place:

As you can see, the sign is very hard to read. This is a photograph of the one I saw from my mom’s car. If you were driving down the road and saw this restaurant, assuming you didn’t know about the existence of the restaurant, what would you think of it? 

Why is Sign Design Important in Offline Marketing? 

No matter what kind of sign you have, whether it’s a sign on a building, a freestanding sign, or a lawn sign, it’s important to make sure that it’s easily legible. I suppose they chose the script font because it’s fun and old-fashioned, and that is the motif that they are going for. (the food is good and it’s fun inside if it’s like the other ones) But for people who have no idea what the restaurant is, this just leaves them scratching their heads and wondering exactly what the restaurant is. 

Compare this to other restaurants, like McDonald’s, which is simply a huge yellow M with a red sign with the full name under it. Or Burger King, which has the words Burger King cleverly sandwiched (see what I did there?) between two halves of a burger bun.

Yes, McDonald’s and Burger King have been around forever and they are easily recognizable. But they also make their signs nice and clear and easy to read. Just like all signs should be. Otherwise, you may have a lot of missed opportunities. 

If you are looking for a company to provide you with some lawn signs for your business, with a clear and concise message that will let everyone know who your company is and what you do, we recommend UZ Marketing.  Their prices are affordable and they do great work.

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