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“I have been using Service Autopilot as a hub to run my landscaping business 855-RILAWNS since 2015. Since then, by constantly focusing my energy on setting up the software and integrating systems, my landscaping company is now programmed to run itself. For any task that is not programmable to happen on its own (emails, text messages, billing, etc), there are automated recurring tasks delegated to specific employees to ensure their completion.

Fast forward to today, and I spend an annual average of about 1 hour per day refining my systems, monitoring financials, and consulting with my manager at 855-RILAWNS. The rest of my work day I spend building my real estate company, Yorktown Realty, and developing Ready Business Systems. Since I work 100% from home, I still have plenty of time to hang with my daughter, spend time with friends and family, mountain bike, spearfish, and kiteboard, to name a few hobbies. Service Autopilot was the seed to my freedom and I can help you accomplish what I did.

The habits and strategies I use to have such a good work-life balance, I outline in our free “Guide to Freedom” eBook available for download here.

How will Service Autopilot Benefit your Business?

No matter how big or small your service company is, it is best you set up scalable software EARLY, BEFORE you need it. By the time you NEED it, it will be too late and you will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. In business, you never want to be a fireman, you want to be Smokey Bear preventing fires!

If I am making a correct assumption, right now you are using something like Quickbooks and Google Sheets to run your business. This is what I used to do, but I knew there had to be a better solution!

Before I started using Service Autopilot as my CRM in 2011, I used to have my crews enter dates on Google Sheets, and then I would go in and copy and paste those dates into Quickbooks, and from there manually create everyone’s invoices. How time consuming and un-scalable! Service Autopilot not only automated all these tasks for me, but it also added so many other powerful features.

If you don’t think Service Autopilot is a good match for you, you might want to check out our page on Jobber or LMN.

Since my days of copy and pasting into Quickbooks, my process now looks something like this:

Service Autopilot at Work at 855RILAWNS

Below I will show you in 10 steps, just a few features of how Service Autopilot helps us at 855RILAWNS. This is only a tiny fraction of how powerful this CRM software is, but you get the idea..

New Lead Service Autopilot

Automatic Lead Creation

  1. A new lead comes in through the website, and automatically creates a lead in Service Autopilot (no copy and pasting!). The manager has 5 days to write up a quote, in which time the manager will receive reminders and the lead will receive constant communication with emails and text messages on the status of their proposal and sales information.

Service Autopilot Text Messaging

Lead Communication

2) The lead is text messaged a greeting, an introductory email, and a task is generated for my manager to write up a quote.

service autopilot maps pro

Built in Maps

3) The manager measures the property using Service Autopilot’s “smart maps” feature, which will save the square footage in the lead’s account.

Service autopilot estimates

Easy Estimating

4) The manager will type in the square footage, which will generate a beautifully pre-written, in-depth quote.

Service autopilot proposal example

Professional Proposals

5) Once the manager sends the proposal, the system will automatically mail the client a welcome letter in the mail, leave them voicemails to follow-up and send them texts and emails as well. Remember folks, the only thing a human has had to do so far is type in the property square footage and send the quote!

To-do service Autopilot

Automatic Payment Acquisition

6) Once the lead accepts the proposal, they will be sent an email to enter their credit card information and the Office Administrator will schedule the work.

Service Autopilot Dispatch Board

Powerful, built-in Routing

7) The Office Administrator will then route the schedule using Service Autopilot’s built in routing feature, which will put your stops in driving order with one click.

Service autopilot mobile app

Synced Mobile App

8) The crews can then see the jobs to navigate, clock in and out, and complete jobs using the Service Autopilot Mobile App.

Service Autopilot Credit Card Processing

Service Autopilot Increases Cash Flow

9) When the crews mark the job complete, it AUTOMATICALLY generates an invoice for the client and with one click, we get paid and cash is in our bank account the next day!

Service Autopilot Marketing Automation

Ongoing Marketing

10) Any clients or leads that don’t book work (or haven’t purchased all of our services) will continue to be marketed to throughout the year with postcards, emails, and voicemails promoting different services, until they buy! THIS IS ALL AUTOMATIC. If you are wondering what this is a picture of, this is the inside of Service Autopilot Automations! (super powerful stuff)

service autopilot

What Ready Business Systems can do for you:

  • Initial Service Autopilot setup and training.
  • Build custom automations to suit YOUR business needs.
  • Ongoing support to tweak, fine tune, and update your automations.
  • Train yourself or staff on how to use the system for YOUR business needs.
  • Help you integrate Service Autopilot with outside websites, email, phone system, collections, and marketing.

What our customers have to say…

Justin has been helped us analyze and overcome some of our greatest business challenges! We now have a much better understanding of our job costing and greater confidence to bid at necessary rates to cover overhead & profit. He has implemented estimating & bidding systems within our Service Autopilot software to eliminate unproductive time spent manually generating estimates via Excel, Word, etc. He has been quick to respond, thorough, patient and professional. He is able to help with just about anything we request and for that we are most grateful. We will continue to work with him to refine our business systems and would not hesitate to recommend him to other small business owners.
Jaime Deehan Avatar
Jaime Deehan
Justin and Steve have done so many positive things for our business. They seem to have a solution for every problem we have in our business, or at least another take on our issues. Justin takes a mentor/coach approach. Ready Business Systems is/ has been a valuable part of my company's success this year.
Thad Williams Avatar
Thad Williams
I met Justin a couple years ago and didn't do anything at the time with him. As my business grows I now wish I would have implemented systems earlier. He's been a great sounding board for new ideas and has an extensive knowledge of the software systems used in a service based business. We look forward to a long term working relationship with Ready Business Systems.
Bren VanderZwaag Avatar
Bren VanderZwaag
Justin has been a huge help to our business between automation and mareketing implementation. He can accomplish in hours or days what would take me months or years!

He is always quick to get back to us and over communicates any issues going on. We will continue to use and recommend RBS to our network.
Chris Baker Avatar
Chris Baker
Justin is great. He is a fantastic listener and has really helped us to streamline our systems. I highly recommend Justin!
briankook Avatar

Service Autopilot Subscription Options:

Use RBS as your launch advisor and receive the additional benefits below, for the same price as signing up through Service Autopilot directly!

*Note- you must sign up through RBS in order to receive these additional benefits*

Start up- $97 setup fee- FREE through RBS
Scheduling & Routing
Automated Invoicing
Clients & Leads (CRM)
Reporting and Expenses
Accounting Management
Basic Estimating
Credit Card Processing
Mobile App
User Roles & Rights
Pro- $97 setup fee- FREE through RBS
Includes Start up features AND
Employee Tracking
Job Costing & Analysis
Asset Tracking
Route Optimization
Estimating & Proposals
Chemical Tracking
Knowledge Base Wiki
Pro Plus- FREE through RBS
Includes Start up, Pro features AND
Automated reports
Setup package

30 day guarantee service autopilot

30 Day Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Service Autopilot software by the end of your first 30 days, Service Autopilot will give 100% of your money back. Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel at Anytime. No Hidden Costs. No Contract. No Termination Fee.