Yard Signs for Landscaping Companies – 4 Reasons to Use Them

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yard signs for landscaping companies

Happy New Year! We hope you had a nice weekend and that you have a healthy 2022. Now, chances are that, unless you are in one of the southern states, outdoor advertising through something like yard signs for landscaping companies is furthest from your mind right now. After all, the weather is a bit nasty and we’re going into ice and snow weather. However, winter isn’t going to last. Here are four reasons you should consider yard signs for landscaping companies and other kinds of service based companies for your spring marketing efforts.

Yard Signs for Landscaping Companies Target the Local Audience

Yes, it’s possible to invest lots of money in expensive campaigns on social media or internet ads. However, even those web marketing plans that are well thought out are going to target a lot of people who aren’t ever going to become your customers.

If you have a small local business offering local services, it’s a lot better to target the people who are in your area. That’s why yard signs are such a great idea. Yard signs only will target those people who are already in your area for visiting the business or using your services. this way you don’t have to be concerned about wasting money on ads.

Yard Signs for Landscaping Companies are Low Cost

A lot of local advertising types will come with large price tags. From radio or TV commercials to PPC ads on social medial, it’s easy to see a lot of your marketing budget disappear. However, that’s not the case with lawn signs.

Lawn signs are fairly low cost, but they can help you with reaching a targeted, large audience.

Along with having high costs upfront, a lot of local advertising forms also require you to invest in them repeatedly so that they are effective.

  • Radio/TV Ads – pay time slots and production costs.
  • Online ads – costs daily, weekly or daily
  • Print ads – produced and mailed.

Yard Signs for Landscaping Companies Spread Awareness of Your Brand

Does your business have one location? Then you are going brand awareness only through word-of-mouth along with the people who are driving by the location.

When you spread yard signs through the general area, it’s going to be a wonderful way that you can spread awareness about the services that you offer and the logo and name of the company.

They Suggest That a Customer was Satisfied

 When you are driving down a road and you see a lawn sign on someone’s lawn, advertising a business, chances are that you believe that the person was happy with the work that the business did for them. if they have had landscaping done by a business, for instance, they may have allowed the company to put their sign on their lawn letting their neighbors know who did it.

So if there’s someone using the same company over and over again and they regularly have the same company’s sign on their lawn, it shows that they are loyal to the company and happy with the work.

These are four reasons why so many service companies look into something like yard signs for landscaping companies. Take a look here and find out more.

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