Service Autopilot VS Jobber – A Look at Jobber’s Features

service autopilot vs jobber

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service autopilot vs jobber

Looking for software that can help you with your service-based business, chances are that the two software choices that you are looking at are Service Autopilot VS Jobber. So we thought we’d do a short guide to what Jobber offers so that you can see what you get in the features.

Service Autopilot VS Jobber – Invoicing and Quoting on Jobber

You can customize your invoices and quotes on Jobber. You can include your discounts, branding, contract terms, and required deposits, as well as collect all of the payments using jobber.

The process of quoting will automatically begin when you schedule an assessment on-site. Clients are able to sign quotes and approve them or request any changes right in the client tab. You can finish up with collecting the deposit once the quote’s approved.

Jobber also will remind you to create invoices and send them as well as track the progress of payment on the way.

Service Autopilot VS Jobber – Payments Through Credit Cards on Jobber

You can accept payment with a credit card right at your job site or you can offer a client the option to pay their bill online through the client hub when the invoice is sent.

You can save the client’s information securely with the online payments system through Jobber and charge them instantly once the work’s done.

Service Autopilot VS Jobber – Jobber’s Client Hub

This is an online experience that is self-serve and lets your clients pay any outstanding invoices, request some new work, and view records, all in an easy-to-use place. There isn’t even an app that’s required to download. They simply click the link that you send them.

They get access to the hub using a personalized link that’s included with every emailed invoice and quote. No worries about pesky passwords either. They’re going to love it.

Service Autopilot VS Jobber  – Scheduling and Dispatching with Jobber

Jobber lets you schedule a lot faster. Create the job, choose the client, and then assign the job to the team based on the progress meters. You can make adjustments easily without a problem.

Sort the calendar tasks and items based on status, such as overdue, completed, upcoming or unscheduled, and see who is available on the team. This way you don’t have to worry about double booking, underbooking, or overbooking.

Service Autopilot VS Jobber – Jobber’s CRM

You can keep track of the important details of clients no matter where you are. Whether you’re on the road or in your office, the information is right there at your fingertips. You can see the complete invoice and billing history of clients, search for information about clients, and attach photos and PDFs to accounts.

The CRM with Jobber is completely customizable. It works for the business and will help you look more professional and bigger to clients.

Service Autopilot VS Jobber – Reporting with Jobber

There are 20 customizable, built-in reports that you get with Jobber. You are always going to know how the business is doing.

Get the reports on clients, finances, service, and work to help you with making the smart decisions in your business that will impact your customer satisfaction and bottom line.

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