3 Ways to Use Business Automation to Help Sales

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The other day, we posted a blog about how business automation services can help with leads. Today we are going to keep on the business automation topic by talking about how it can help with sales. So here are three ways that you can use business automation to help with sales.

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Use Business Automation to Set Frameworks for Sales Pipelines

The road that goes from someone being a prospect to someone being a paying client will include several steps. When you map the route and then add some automation to this journey, will help the sales representatives to guide the prospects from destination to destination. It also helps to ensure nobody will get lost either.

Automation software will organize the process that you already have for your sales representatives to follow for closing the deals. When you clearly define the process, a sales representative can move their leads between the stages, which will create consistency and provide visibility as to where the lead should go next.

You should define this sales process with 4 basic stages:

  1. New Opportunity – You’ve identified a lead. When it’s tagged like this, the software will assign a rep for contacting them.
  2. Contacting – This is the next stage, and a lead will move into it when the call is made. If they are able to reach the lead, they will then advance to engaging. However, if the rep gets voicemail, an email’s sent as a follow-up (we covered this in the other post.)
  3. Engaging – This stage is when the rep talks with a lead to find out about their needs and how the company’s services or product may benefit them.
  4. Qualified – A lead will move into the qualified stage when the rep has determined they’re qualified. This means that they have the authority and budget to decide to purchase. The remainder of the process will play out after this, with various automated actions that have been set up regarding losses and wins, along with those leads that aren’t ready for making a decision.

Use Business Automation to Make the Hottest Leads Your Focus

Having a lot more leads than you have time for contacting can be a problem. Of course, it’s a good one. However, you need to have a solution for it. If you’re never able to catch up on your to-do list, how do you know where to start?

Automation software will set priorities by ranking your leads based on their engagement with the marketing efforts. Because of lead scoring, you are able to focus on those potential clients who’re ready to make a purchase instead of those who are going to need some more time. When you identify the leads based on their interest level, it’s easier for you to anticipate what they need a lot better and use tailored messages to target them.

Use Business Automation to Welcome New Clients

Making a sale isn’t the end of the relationship with your client. It’s just the beginning. Sending the new client a few welcome emails will help with showing that you care a lot about giving them support and introducing them to your business and you.

It’s easy to do it using automation software. You can set it up so that when someone makes a purchase it will trigger emails. When someone makes a purchase, the first email should thank them and introduce them to the company. This can do a FAQ email or an overview of the services. you also can think of sending a gift to thank them, such as giving them a discount on the next purchase they make.

Shortly after they have started using your services, you want to send an email to see how they like it. You can include some helpful content such as tips about using the product or service or suggest some complimentary services.

These are three ways that business automation can help with sales. If you are interested in knowing more about business automation and other services that we offer, please feel free to contact us.


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