When Customers Fall Through The Cracks

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When Customers Fall Through The Cracks

You may have heard it said that a service business runs on communication.

This is true and vitally important in some fundamental ways, especially for a landscaping business or similar operation where jobs need to be routinely scheduled and managed. This is essentially what business service automation is about.

When you have direct relationships with clients and customers, that’s great, but what about when you scale your business and suddenly you’re dealing with more people on a regular basis?

It’s easy for things to get disorganized, and then you can lose contact with some people who would be among your best customers.

Lack of Access

If your existing customers call in and can’t talk to anybody, they may be likely to go elsewhere.

People have to have access to your scheduling department and your service department if you’re going to retain loyal business.

Missed New Business

There’s also that principle of being of always available for new business. People need to talk to a human person in order to get that first point of contact set up and get into the sales funnel. Otherwise, they’re going to go somewhere else.

Enhancing CRM

Specialized software can help improve what you do for customers on an everyday basis. Traditional customer relationship management software doesn’t always do everything on its own.

What does it mean to enhance customer relationship management software?

It means looking at the specific dossier functions and other features of a traditional software package, and figuring out where the gaps are. Then you can introduce supportive software systems that provide a better framework for your service business operations.

We’ve made it a priority to develop these sorts of solutions for businesses that need cutting-edge operational models for workflows in the 21st century. We know that business runs on efficiency and good communications with customers. But we’ve seen that while ‘Cadillac’ CRM systems promise a lot of bells and whistles, they’re not always tailored to the needs of the small business.

Our clients are not blue-chip corporations with billions of dollars in market capitalization. They’re small business owners like you and me who need to be able to scale and balance customer service with everything else that they do during the day. Take a look at what we offer through the web site, and get in touch. We can help you to make those contemplative choices about how to best scale and grow in the years to come.

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