Snow Removal Services – 5 Reasons to Offer Them as a Landscaper

snow removal services

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If you own a landscaping company and you don’t offer snow removal services, have you ever considered it? If not, it’s something that you should seriously consider. Below are 5 reasons that you want to offer them to your customers.

snow removal services

Offer Snow Removal Services Because You Know Your Customers’ Property

If you are already working on their property for a few years, you know what they expect already and what you should look for on their property. You’re familiar with their sidewalks and you already know the size of the plow that will be needed for clearing snow and not damaging their adjacent flowerbeds or grass.

You also know where the water’s pooling and standing on their property, so you know that those areas are going to freeze and require additional ice melt.

Offer Snow Removal Services Because You Care About Their Plants & Lawn

Since you have likely done a lot of work on their property already, you have time and effort invested in it. You want to keep their plants and lawn free from damage. After all, if you mess it up you have to fix it and you may lose a customer in the process.

You also know where the drains are located, and you’ll push snow there rather than on their planting beds. You are also going to make sure that the plants are safe from getting damaged, so their yard is able to bounce back when spring comes.

Offer Snow Removal Services Because Your Equipment is Primed & Ready

A lot of customers might think that they have their snowblower or plow in the garage that they can use. But if they haven’t been maintaining it or using it because maybe the last winter wasn’t snowy, chances are that it’s a lot more trouble than it’s worth.  Our equipment is always maintained and ready.

The equipment that your company has is constantly primed, so it can go when needed. Not only that, but not everyone has the money or the space to store a snowplow or snowblower on the off chance that they need it for a snowy winter. That’s not the problem when you offer the services.

Offer Snow Removal Services Because You May Get New Customers Out of It

Another great reason that you want to offer snow removal as part of your landscaping business is that you might get some new customers from it. It’s quite possible that people are happy doing their own landscaping. However, if they see how well you do with their snow removal, they might just ask you what other types of services that you offer.

Not only that, but snow removal is something that businesses and residential customers may want.

Offer Snow Removal Services Because It Helps You Get Through a Slow Time

One of the biggest reasons to offer snow removal as part of your landscaping business is because the winter months are a notoriously slow time of year and a lot of landscaping companies struggle through the slow winter months so that they have to lay off their employees until spring. So this can give you a way to make money during those months and keep your employees working.

These are the five best reasons why you want to offer snow plowing/snow removal as part of your landscaping business. They are all great reasons but, in our opinion, the last one of these reasons is the most important. It can really help your business keep going.

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