Holiday Marketing – 4 Big Mistakes to Avoid

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Hello! There are less than 20 days until Christmas. So we know that many businesses are using ways to incorporate the holidays into their marketing plan. Therefore, we thought that we’d cover a few common holiday marketing mistakes that many businesses make during the holiday season. 

Making Your Holiday Marketing All About Making Money

The first mistake that you want to avoid making is pushing your services and products all the time. Yes, this is part of your holiday marketing plan. However, many potential customers aren’t going to enjoy being hit over the head with the items that you are selling. 

Think about the type of products and services that you offer. Are there tips that you can use to help your customers and potential customers during the holiday season? For example, if you offer outside light decorating services, why not give them some tips for decorating inside their homes?

Not Considering Your Target Audience in Holiday Marketing

The second mistake that you want to avoid making is not thinking about your target audience when you are doing your holiday marketing. Is your target audience college students? Chances are that they aren’t going to be interested in tips for choosing gifts for small kids. Why not offer some tips about going away for winter break?

What if your target audience is families and parents? Then you want to find some fun ways that you can give them tips, such as keeping the magic of Santa alive or where to hide Christmas presents.

Not Including Important Information in Holiday Marketing

The third mistake that you want to avoid making when it comes to holiday marketing is not including any important information when you are sending out marketing emails or posting on your blog. Are you going to have shortened hours or will you be closed during the holidays? It’s important to let your customers know that. This way they have some advance notice about it.

Not Being Diverse in Holiday Marketing

Finally, the last mistake that you want to avoid making when planning your holiday marketing is not being diverse. Unless you are a business that caters to a certain religion, it’s important to remember that many different types of holidays occur during the holiday season. Here is a look at some of the holidays that occur during December. If you aren’t sure about what holidays people celebrate who come to your site, it’s best to simply use a Happy Holidays greeting.  This way it covers everything.

These are 4 mistakes that you want to avoid when you are doing holiday marketing. Avoiding these mistakes will help you with reaching more people and possibly getting more business.

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