4 Winter Landscaping Services to Keep You Busy

winter landscaping services

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As many landscapers know, when winter arrives, work often will slow down. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little ingenuity and some great marketing, you can start offering some winter landscaping services to help your company stay busy through the slow times. Below are 4 that you can start with.

Winter Landscaping Services 1 – Winter Prep for the Lawn

winter landscaping services

It’s important for a lawn to get treatment so that it stays healthy during cold temperatures. This is the reason why this should be a service a landscaping company should offer. When someone is paying you for caring for their lawn in the warmer months, they’ll want you to do it during those winter months too. Since the equipment is already at your disposal, it’s something you should offer during your off-season.

There are a lot of tasks that clients might need for prepping their lawns to get ready for cold temperatures. You can create package deals or individual services. a few of those tasks that are more common include:

  • Aerating lawns
  • Draining the sprinklers
  • Fertilizing lawns
  • Removing dead plants
  • Removing lawn & patio furniture
  • Tree & shrub trimming

Winter Landscaping Services 2 – Gutter Cleaning

If you are looking for another service that you can offer your clients to increase your landscaping company revenue during the winter months, gutter cleaning is a great choice. Gutter cleaning is something that everyone should have done before winter starts. But not everyone is able to do it themselves. That’s why it’s a great service to offer.

Gutter cleaning is another one of those services that you can do with the equipment you have already, on average. The average cost that you can charge for this service is $150. So, this can help you with bringing in profits during a slow time.

Winter Landscaping Services 3 – Leaf Removal

This service is a great way that your company can make some money during the off-season and not have to depend on snow falling. This is one of the more tiresome jobs, and a lot of customers are happy to pay someone else to do it. There is going to be a lot of demand for the service during the fall months. However, there are still going to be customers who want and need you to remove leaves during the winter as well.

Something that a lot of landscaping companies enjoy about this service is that there’s potential for repeat business. Of course, some of the clients may only need it one time. However, if the property is large and they have a lot of trees, it’s possible that you are going to keep going back.

Not only that, but it’s something that you can offer all over the property, instead of only the lawn. Make sure that you tell potential customers that you’re able to remove the leaves from these places below:

  • Backyards
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Roads
  • Sidewalks

Winter Landscaping Services 4 – Pressure Washing

Any of the areas on a property that is exposed to the outdoor elements often will become really dirty in the summer. These are things like the sides of a house, a patio, a deck, a fence, and other places. It’s important to adequately clean these areas before the arrival of winter and everything freezes. This is a service that many people are willing to hire others to do.

The reason that a lot of people will hire you to do it is that pressure washers aren’t a common household item. Even those who have them aren’t always finding that they have time to do it themselves. Therefore, if you already are at a customer’s house removing leaves, this is a great upsell opportunity. It’s something that people might not even consider, so bring it up as an extra service that you offer.

These are just four of the winter landscaping services that you can offer to help you and your crew stay busy this winter. Of course, marketing your new services helps, too. We offer a variety of marketing services for companies such as yours. If you are interested in knowing more, contact us and we’ll be glad to tell you what we can do for you.

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