SEO Blogs – 3 Secrets to Success

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When you’re writing SEO blogs, your first focus is probably the SEO. You want to make sure the blog is picked up by the search engines. But being picked up by the search engines is only part of it. Yes, they will help people come to your blog. But it’s also important to:

  1. keep people on your blog rather than having them x out of the page
  2. make them want to come back to your page

That’s where having an interesting and informative blog topic comes in. Below are three great ways to do this.

SEO Blogs
Make sure your SEO blogs are appealing to visitors,

Keep Your Blogs Scannable

One thing you’ll notice about most of our blogs is that they include subheadings. This isn’t just because Google likes it. It’s because the typical visitor is going to scan your blog, not read the whole thing. They are looking for what I call the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the meal. 

Think of it this way. Your introduction is like the appetizer of your blog. It sets the tone for your topic. Your conclusion is like dessert. It wraps everything up. Not everyone has time for appetizers and desserts. But most people have time for the main meal, and that’s what your blog is. Therefore, make sure your visitors know where to find their main meal by creating subheadings.

Solve a Problem with Your SEO Blogs

People are coming to your blog because you have something they want – answers. So, you want to give them those answers, using list-type articles. Here are a few examples: 

  • 3 Tips for a Beautiful Lawn
  • 3 Secrets to a Delicious Chocolate Cake
  • 5 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bills

These three examples give people information in a concise, scannable way. The titles also tell them what they can find inside. There are two other types of blogs that are also popular:

  • 5 Common Mistakes of First Time Home Buyers
  • 3 FAQ About Plunging Your Toilet

The first article shows the reader that they are not alone. If they make these mistakes, there are thousands of people who have made the mistake before them. The second article answers questions that someone might be too embarrassed to ask.

Give them articles like this on a regular basis and you’ll have people coming back.

Post the SEO Blogs Regularly

Finally, you want to have a regular schedule for posting your blogs. This way, people know that they can count on a new topic on a certain day of the week or of the month. If you use WordPress, it’s very simple to schedule your blogs. This way, even if you aren’t able to post them manually, they will be posted at a set date and time.

These are just three simple tips that you can use to keep people coming back and reading your SEO blogs. You want to give them something to look forward to. Following these tips will help you with doing that and keep them coming back for more.

Thanks for reading our blog. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a message. We hope that you’ll keep coming back. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel and contact us with any questions.




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