Safety Training

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Safety is starting to become important in our company. When we were smaller with only a couple employees, it was less important as there were less people in the field to get hurt.

In 2014, we had 2 workers comp claims: One was for a hurt back, and one was for an eye injury. With the back injury, an employee was trying to lift too much weight in a barrel by himself. In the eye injury case, the employee was not wearing safety glasses and a branch hit him in the eye while on the mower. These things could have been easily prevented if we had regular safety training. Luckily, neither were serious, but if they were, it could have meant some serious expenses for our company let alone the guilt of knowing that an employee that works for your company was injured.

So, trying to stay ahead of the game, we are starting to have safety training. Through our membership in PLANET, we were able to buy some books and make photocopies. Our Field manager then reviewed the safety with the guys, and they are given copies of the books.

I believe this safety training also can lower our worker’s comp rates, something I have to look into.

Eyeglasses, as well as ear protection, and safety gloves are very important. As well has having first aid kits in the trucks. I just ordered some off of Amazon to keep stored in the shop.

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