Bobcat for Landscaping

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Last year, we purchased our first bobcat skid steer. We purchased a 1991 753 model.

We bought it for $3000 but it needed quite a bit of work. It came with a trailer as well, so we did get a great deal.

However, it had leaking hydraulic lines which had to be replaced. It still has a hydraulic leak from underneath which we don’t know exactly where it is coming from still. It had a flat tire. But worst yet it has trouble starting. Sometimes it doesn’t run. Last year after we bought it and put hundreds more into it we only were able to use it for two days before we ended up renting one.

It is a great machine for landscaping though. We are able to use it basically as a giant wheel barrow for hauling loam or rocks around. You can also dig with it, or clear snow. It is good for land clearing as well. It is just a very productive machine.

We justified it since we had enough work to pay for it, and the right opportunity came around to buy one.

When searching on craigslist earlier, I was finding them for about $5000 with a trailer but this was a small bobcat. We have a full sized which is much more productive and has a big diesel engine. It was definitely beat on so we are trying to baby it back to health. But it needs a new exhaust, and that alone is $500! So a hefty investment. I am confident this year we will get our moneys worth out of it though.

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