Management structure

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As a company grows, you need to have some sort of structure which has become evident. Each position needs to have clear responsibilities so there is no confusion as to who is in charge of what.

As it stands now we have me, who is in charge of the company. Working under me is our Office Manager which handles day to day communication with the clients and Crew Foremen. She also communicates directly with our Field Manager, which is working directly under me.

The field Manager handles most estimates and sales. The Office Manager basically works as his assistant, following up on estimates, scheduling appointments, and answering whatever questions she can for him. The Field Manager is mostly out in the field, spending most of his time training the guys, checking up on work, meeting with customers, and making sales.

Beneath them are the actual field workers. We have three crews, one each with a Foreman and a laborer working underneath them. If we need to get more work done we will bulk up the crews with an additional laborer when needed.

This structure has worked pretty well for us. Given our higher sales volume this year, we will be looking to hire an administrative assistant to help the Office Manager since she is starting to push over 40 hours a week. Their responsibility will be assisting her duties as well as some book keeping and record keeping, tasks I currently handle now.

The last additional overhead position will be the company Mechanic, which will be assisting as a Production Manager and helping to get the crews out in the mornings as well as assisting them with any equipment breakdowns.

This company structure should carry us through 700k in sales I believe.

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