Market on Facebook – 3 Huge Reasons Why

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No matter if your business is big or small, choosing to market on Facebook is always a good idea. Facebook is full of users and potential customers. If you are looking for a good way to find out what your customers and potential customers want, Facebook is one of the best places to go. Below are three big reasons to market on Facebook.

market on facebook


It’s Low Cost to Market on Facebook

You can use marketing activities on Facebook that would cost you a lot of money if you did it on a different channel. This means it’s a great choice for businesses who are small and medium since they have smaller budgets for marketing. But bigger businesses also can do some trial marketing themes and concepts using Facebook before they commit to larger campaigns.

You Can Share Your Business’s Basic Information on Facebook

The business Facebook page is the place where you can publicize the name, the address, and the contact details of your business. You also describe the services and products that you offer briefly. It’s also a good place to talk about your history, staff, or other aspects of your business that’s likely to attract Facebook users and create some interest about what you offer.

You can Market on Facebook by Sharing Business Pics & Videos

Facebook lets you post pics and videos along with text. This Share pictures and videos from your business. This is often a very powerful way that you can communicate with your customers and your potential customers. It allows them to view your products and services without physically visiting your job site, which as we have learned especially in the past year, can be very helpful.

Something else that Facebook allows you to do is to tag people if one of their friends is in the photo. This function’s a great way that you can promote the business. For instance, if you operate a tour, you could post a pic on your page of a group that are going on a whitewater rafting excursion, then you can invite each of the participants to tag the images in that picture. Each of those tagged images is going to show up as updates on their Facebook account. That means their friends are going to see it as well. This will increase the interest levels in the photo as well as your business.

However, if you make the decision to use this feature, you should be careful. It can be an issue with privacy, and some of the users on Facebook are sensitive about it. Make sure you ask participants to tag instead of doing it yourself. If you do decide to use tagging, be careful. It can be a privacy issue, and some Facebook users are sensitive about being tagged in photographs. For this reason, it is better to ask participants to do the tagging, rather than doing it on their behalf.

These are just three of the reasons why you want to market on Facebook. There are many more, of course. But these are three of the main ones. If you are interested, we offer Facebook marketing and posting. Please contact us for more information and check out our own Facebook page.

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