3 Essential Facebook Ad Tools to Use

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Good afternoon! wer hope you had a good weekend, whatever you did. Today we’re going to continue our series on social media marketing by looking at some essential Facebook ad tools that you can use to get more people to look at what you have to offer.

There are obviously more tools that you can use. But to us, these three are the best place to start, because they are some of the simplest and easiest to use.

facebook ad tools

Facebook Ad Tools 1 – Smartphones/Tablets

This is our top one because we can almost guarantee that you likely have a smartphone or a tablet that can help you out. If your up to date on your technology, the good news is that you don’t need a fancy, expensive camera to take good pictures and videos. The majority of Android and Apple tablets and phones have great cameras on them, and they are able to capture quality pictures of your services, background material or products.

With the correct lighting and backdrop, some of the pictures you take won’t even need more editing. But a lot of these cameras have other effects and features, and this is the fastest and easiest way that you can design videos and images for ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Even if you have to update your device, this investment is a lot cheaper than buying expensive equipment. You also are going to be able to do much more with the device.

Facebook Ad Tools 2 – Stock Images & Video

But what if you don’t have a smartphone, or you are not much of a photographer? Then ths second of the Facebook ad tools is for you. If you’d rather use professional videos and images, it’s a great idea to use stock videos and images for expanding your design assets. There are many sites that  have many videos and images that you can use without cost. They don’t just have a lot of content from which to choose, but they also have search features which make it simple to find what you need. Of course, these pictures and videos can be also used alongside of your own pictures and videos to enhance and complement them.

Even though these sites are free, sometimes you are going to have to create accounts to use them. not only that, but some also have other assets that you can use for a paid subscription. It’s important that you are reading their licensing agreements and FAQ pages so that you are avoiding any conflicts and infringements.

Facebook Ad Tools 3 – Creative Tools That are Built in on Facebook

The third of the Facebook ad tools that we are going to cover are the ones that are built right into Facebook. The ads manger on Facebook will offer you some free built-in resources and tools to help you with developing creatives easily for your advertisements. Here you are going to find their stock images and their kit for creating videos. This will let you create some video advertisements by uploading your images and then animating them.

Subtle motion’s a way that’s proven for capturing the attention of a user as they scroll through Facebook. It gets them to stop so they can view the ads. The kit provides a variety of free templates, which includes marketing templates that you can use for your special promotions. This allows you to resize as well as edit your videos right in the platform. Some templates even let you append some overlay text, add some amazing special effects and put in your logo.

These are just three of the Facebook ad tools that you can use to help you with gaining more exposure and hopefully more customers. Stay tuned for more social media marketing posts and check out our website and Facebook page.

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