Offline Marketing & Online – 7 Unity Tips

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Hello! Hope you had a good weekend. As we mentioned last week, this month we are concentrating on offline marketing. Today we are going to look at some ways that you can unify your offline marketing strategies with your online ones.

Create a Single Focus for Online & Offline Marketing 

Offline marketing

It’s very hard to track the ROI using offline marketing. In addition, aside from basic continuity in branding, it’s really hard to unify your offline and online efforts. The simplest way that this can be done is to make a single focus for both of the media sources, and then keep a united contact point for both of them. this means that whenever you make a significant investment in your offline marketing campaign, like direct mail, radio and TV or billboards, you should market the same service or product with digital marketing.

In addition, you should point all your offline markets to a single QR code, keyword or landing page.  This will help you with verifying that there’s continuity. This isn’t going to provide you with tracking information that is statistically relevant, but it’s going to ensure focus.

Narrow Your Search Intent Down

Create content that’s helpful both offline and online with your search intent. First, it’s essential to create content that’s relevant but not salesy. This way, it’s going to resonate naturally with those who need that information. The majority of people are going to be on a mobile device searching for information in their area. Therefore, you want to narrow the search intent down to ensure they’re getting it you’re your site. Then, you have to narrow the correct search intent down so it’s visible to your intended audiences.

Devise a Strategy for Cross Promotion

You can use online and offline marketing simultaneously for promoting your business. Products for offline marketing can be promoted using online methods. An example would be if you’re going to be advertising on TV for a certain event or season, using social media for boosting the offline reach is a great choice. You can put banner ads, a countdown or a preview on your social channels and website for generating excitement.

In the same way, using visuals and creatives on print ads for encouraging the audience to go to a certain landing page. This will help you with getting your audience’s contact information. This will help you follow up. So that your results are increased, offer something of value, such as a guide, white paper or e-book download. Both types of marketing are able to be integrated so you get more attention and increase your results.

Set Up Some Dedicated Tracking Types for Online & Offline Marketing

It can be hard to track your ROI when you are offline marketing. One way that you can tie offline marketing like billboards, magazine ads or TV commercials to online metrics it is to create dedicated tracking, such as a dedicated URL or phone number. This will mean buying a number that will forward to the main number or getting a certain domain that will forward to the main domain. When you have set this up, it’s a lot easier to track how effective your offline marketing campaign is.

Send Consumers Who are Offline to Your Online Channels

An easy way that you can ensure that both types of marketing is syncing together is to add the information that is going to send people to online channels. Make sure your print materials include your QR code. This will allow the user to scan it using their camera and go to your chosen landing page.  It’s also possible to add some links to your profiles on social media and encourage everyone to follow you. When you take these steps, this will give you a great chance of digitizing real life-life leads. This way you’ll be able to manage them using online tools, like CRM platforms.

Connect Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns With Custom URLS

It’s very beneficial to connect offline promotions and online marketing. There are members of the target audience that is going you one way, and some will see you the other. However, usually no one sees you both ways. It’s essential to create a campaign that allows flow between these two worlds. A very simple way that you can do this is through customized tracking URLs. Use a special URL for your offline marketing. When customers are visiting those pages, you are going to know they’re coming from your offline marketing.

If you want to dig deeper, you can also set various URLs for your different types of ads. For instance, you can use various URLS for outdoor, TV, and print ads. When you do this, it will be easier for tracking and analyzing which of the marketing strategies is converting the majority of customers and which is directing the majority of the users to the website.

Keep Your Design Consistent Across Online & Offline Marketing Platforms

There are a few ways that your marketing campaigns can be merged. A good way is to keep your design consistent across your platforms. Both marketing types rely on people recognizing your brand. Include the name of your brand in a very visible location, like a billboard or paper ad. The font and colors should also be the same on both types of marketing if you can. When someone sees a promotion of yours in a newspaper, chances are that they’ll remember you when they catch you on Facebook or Twitter. You want to align the feel and look of the promotion.

These are 7 tips that you can use for unifying your online and your offline marketing. One of the best ways that you can market your business offline is through SendJim marketing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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