3 Essential Brochure Creation Tips

brochure creation

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Brochures are a great marketing tool, if they are created correctly. If you aren’t careful when it comes to brochure creation, the brochure can have the opposite effect and cost you customers and money. So, here are three brochure creation tips to get you started.

brochure creation

Brochure Creation Tip 1 – Know Your Customers

Before you spend time to write or plan your brochure, make certain that have a good understanding about your customers. Why is it that they are going to want to hire your services or buy the product? What’s the thing that your service or product is going to do for the customer? What problem will it solve? If you aren’t sure about these questions’ answers, you need to find out. Talk with customers and salespeople. Then you can use the answers to help with deciding on the benefits you will play up in the brochure.

Brochure Creation Tip 2 – Plan Brochures for AIDA

Although AIDA may sound like someone’s name, it actually is an acronym. This stands for:

Attention – It has to grab their attention.

Interest – It has to make them interested that they read it.

Desire – It must raise the person’s desire for your service or product.

Action – It has to make them act, like call to make an appointment or go to your website.

Brochure Creation Tip 3 – Be Careful with Pictures

You should avoid putting a picture of your business’s building on the brochure. Chances are that you are really proud of your building. However, this isn’t something that customers are going to care about. The brochure needs to be about what your customers’ needs and wants. They want to know that your services and products will give them what they need. You shouldn’t waste valuable space for vanity.

That being said, you should use pictures that are essential to customers. Therefore, you want to include pictures of your services or products. make sure that you are using pictures that are professional and clear.

These are three brochure creation tips that you can use to get started out. Next we will talk about the content that you should put in it and how to create compelling copy that will help you gain more business. SendJim is the company that we use ourselves for our own marketing, and they offer brochures as well as postcards and other marketing materials.


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