Most Common Characteristics Of Successful Small Business Owners

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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and the owners of small businesses are typically leaders at heart. You may think of many character traits that define yourself or other successful small business owners you know. Still, when compared with other entrepreneurs’ characteristics, a few personality traits rise to the top of the list.


Understanding some of the most common and powerful personality traits shared by successful small business owners is essential to strengthening your leadership characteristics, ensuring that your business remains successful for years to come.


Adept At Setting Goals

Entrepreneurs must be driven to make the necessary moves needed to create and sustain their businesses. However, the drive must be partnered to achieve success. Goal-oriented people are adept at setting goals and focusing action towards reaching those goals. Drive without goals is wasted energy; successful business owners clearly understand where they want to be and how to get there.



A powerful trait in the pursuit of any success is that of confidence. Confidence instills respect, facilitates leadership, and allows successful entrepreneurs the ability to make decisive decisions. In business, owners must be able to innate trust their choices and instincts, having the confidence to steer their business on its best course at all times.



Building and managing a team takes the ability to think independently. Self-reliance is a common trait among successful business owners and is a critical aspect of leadership. While owners and managers must rely on team members to achieve goals and conduct day-to-day business, leaders must possess the innate ability to manage solely on their own using their skills and instincts.



In business, there are victories and setbacks, chaos and clarity. Resilience is a vital characteristic for long-term success. When challenges present themselves, convincing business owners and managers to rise to the occasion, learn from missteps, and continue to press forward. Meeting pitfalls head-on and bouncing back from unforeseen circumstances is critical to reaching business goals.


Adaptability & Innovation

Regardless of the type of business, one thing for sure is change. Change can happen in markets, in consumer trends, in finances, in long-term projections, and almost in any business aspect. Owners who adapt to change quickly can capitalize on the moment by using innovative techniques. Innovation is key to remaining relevant in your market and your business practices.


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