4 Benefits of Heat Mapping Your Website

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heat mapping

Your website is one of the most important parts of your business. It’s how a lot of your customers find you and, if you are in e-commerce, how you sell your products. But how well is your website doing? If you aren’t sure, one of the things that you should consider is looking into website heat mapping. Here are some of the things that heat mapping on your website can show you.

Heat Mapping Shows What is Working Right

If you are seeing a lot of red positioned right over the CTA, and not many outlying clicks, your element’s doing the job you want it to do. it is leading people to your funnel’s next part.

Heat Mapping Shows What is Going Wrong

If you don’t see a lot of activity clusters, or perhaps there’s a huge cluster over your back button, this might mean that there’s a problem. Something about the website isn’t engaging visitors. Try reorganizing your content to see if that helps.

Heat Mapping Shows Where Your Users are Becoming Frustrated

If you’re seeing that users are attempting to click on portions of the site that aren’t interactive, something’s going wrong. It’s possible that your website design is confusing or that there’s a nonfunctional link on the site that needs fixing.

Heat Mapping Shows the Length of Their Attention Span

Finally, you are able to understand the attention span of your user and if your website’s content will be enough to keep them interested. Scroll maps can be used to see the number of people who are reading the majority of the content of your website and then combine them using confetti maps so that you can see who is clicking on your CTA button.

As you can see, heat mapping on your website can help you a lot and give you some valuable information about what people think about your website. Knowing this information can help you with increasing your profits and reach more customers. If you are looking for a business that offers heat mapping, we recommend using Crazy Egg. This is just one of the services that they offer to business owners to help them succeed.

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