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What Exactly is the “Guide to Freedom?”


The Guide to Freedom is the summary of my knowledge gained after 20 years of running a landscaping company. It is all about saving TIME and running and EFFICIENT operation. 

Once I started consulting for other landscaping companies in 2018, I started jotting down all the advice I gave them into a document. I started to jot down all the things I do that save me time. Each client I worked with, I added to the eBook, until it is where it is today.

In the past I have charged $1000-$2000 for this information, but now I am giving it away for free in hopes we can earn some of your business. Either way the book is yours to keep.


Our free eBook covers:


  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Administrative
  • Free email templates
  • And more!




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About Justin


guide to freedom businessHi! My name is Justin Woodford, founder of Ready Business Systems.

A very typical question people ask one another when they first meet is, “what do you do”? It used to be a very simple answer for me: “I run a landscaping company.” But lately I have had trouble answering this question-

I currently work from home about 25 hours per week. Of that, I spend about 5 hours a week on my landscaping company, 2 hours per week on my real estate business, Yorktown Realty, and lately, my primary focus has been building Ready Business Systems.

People close to me say I have a very good work/life balance. Don’t get me wrong- when I work I work- but I still have plenty of free time! I like to spend my free time with my friends and family, playing volleyball, kiteboarding, mountain biking,
riding my motorcycle, and, when I can, traveling to escape Rhode Island’s brutal winters.

I have this time largely because of the systems and automation I use in my businesses, which is what we can help you with through RBS.


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