Customer Interactions – 5 Things to Never Say

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When you are faced with an angry customer, the way that you respond to them can make all the difference. It can make them happy and willing to come back, or it could make them angrier. Below are five things that you should never say in customer interactions because it can make your customers angrier and the situation worse.

customer inreactions
The wrong words can make all the difference in customer interactions.

“That’s against company policy.”

This may be true. However, customers don’t care about the company policy. They are interested in how the situation can be fixed so they are satisfied. Instead of saying the request’s against the company’s policy, offer a solution to resolve the problem.

“I’ll try doing that…”

A customer doesn’t want to hear the word try. When you say this, it sounds as if the issue might not get resolved. It also demonstrates that you don’t have self-confidence. If it’s necessary to ask another person or get their approval, tell them that you are doing that. You shouldn’t sound unsure about if you can help them. Be certain that you can.

Never Say “Are you certain?” During Customer Interactions

Customers are sometimes wrong. However, you shouldn’t ever point this out. It’s very tempting to do just that. This is particularly true if you feel as if they’re being silly or making something into a big deal. However, when you do this it will discount the way they’re feeling. It also can make they feel like they’re foolish. This can make the situation even worse. Help the customer calmly with the problem and then move forward.

“That isn’t so bad…”

If you have a customer that’s upset about something, it’s important to empathize with them. The problem you are hearing about might seem like a big deal to you. however, it is to your customer and that’s what counts. Make sure that you aren’t making any kind of statement that is downplaying their frustration or feelings about the situation.

Never Use “I’ll tell them.” in Customer Interactions

No matter how you feel, if you agree or disagree with the frustration of the customer, never call your company them. You’re the company to your customer. Make sure that you are using the word we when you refer to your company. If not, you will lose credibility. You also will look as if you are avoiding your responsibility.

These are five things that you should never say in customer interactions. They can make things a lot worse and they may lose you a valuable customer. Treat your customer the way you want to be treated. You will find they are loyal and keep coming back.

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