The Bouncie App – 5 Big Benefits it Offers

When you have company that has a fleet of vehicles, such as a landscaping company, you want to track where your vehicles and drivers are. One way to do this is through the Bouncie app and the Bouncie tracker. Below are 5 benefits why so many company owners are trusting the Bouncie app.

bouncie app

The Bouncie App Helps with Safety

GGPS trackers help your drivers to be extra responsible since they know about the monitoring through GPS. Also, you’re going to know where the vehicles are in case anyone needs assistance. Whether the vehicle is broken down or there is an emergency, your fleet manager is able to send out roadside help to the drivers.

Fuel Costs are Minimized with the Bouncie App

No one is able to control gas prices. But a great benefit of something like a Bouncie app is that you can observe the fuel consumption of a vehicle. It does this by eliminating the speeding of drivers, vehicle idling, and any type of unauthorized usage. Fleet managers also can optimize the driving routes.

A GPS App Helps with Recovery of Stolen Vehicles

If one of your vehicles is stolen, the Bouncie tracker and the Bouncie app can help you with finding the stolen vehicle. Fleet managers can be notified with mapping data and alerts so that they can figure out if a vehicle’s been stolen along with tell the authorities where the vehicle is located. This helps with making a fast recovery.

The Bouncie App Helps Lower Operating Costs

When you use something like a Bouncie app and a Bouncie GPS, a fleet manager can see who is taking routes that are less efficient or they are using it for an unauthorized purpose. This doesn’t just help with solving road issues but it also gives accurate readouts of the time that the drivers say they’ve worked.

Productivity is Increased with a GPS App

Because a company is able to track the hours that a driver has worked, fleet managers are also able to use the time of an employee. The Bouncie app shows where the drivers are all the time and will keep records of what they’re doing during that time.

These are five reasons why having a Bouncie tracker and the Bouncie app is a good idea. Are you intersted in knowing more? Here is a link to our review of the Bouncie GPS and how it’s helped us. Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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