Choosing Blog Topics – 3 Ways It’s Like Christmas Shopping

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Good morning! It’s hard to believe that Christmas is Saturday, isn’t it? Are you done Christmas shopping? Or maybe you have a few last-minute things that are on the Amazon truck as we speak? Either way, today we’re going to talk about blog topics and how choosing the right blog topics is a lot like choosing the right gift for someone. 

Think About What (Blog Topics) They Want

OK. The first thing that you want to do is to think about your audience or, in the case of presents, your recipient. What does the person love or need? Another way that you can think about this is what kinds of things you would want if you were in their position. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Why are they on your blog? What kind of information can you provide at this time of year that they will find useful? 

For instance, say you have an HVAC company that services people in Maine. The last thing that you would do is to post a blog about air conditioning in December, right? No one in Maine is going to be running their air conditioning in December, even if you factor in global warming. They are going to be looking for information on their heating system and topics related to heat.

So, just like you wouldn’t buy someone a bathing suit in December unless you live in Florida or you are planning a surprise trip to Hawaii for New Year’s, don’t go posting something on your blog that they can’t use right now.

Make Sure It’s the Right Fit

I’m going to get a bit personal here. I love giving presents. Not just at Christmas, but I love finding the perfect gift for someone. For instance, for my brother’s 40th birthday, I had a t-shirt made for him where he was turned into a comic book character (he loves comic books) called Super Conductor (he teaches music). 

When you are choosing your blog topics, you want to make sure that they are a good fit for your audience. Sometimes a generic blog post, like a gift card,  is okay. But most people are going to appreciate those extra special blog topics that you think of and post. 

Give Yourself Time to Brainstorm Your Presents & Blog Topics

Finally, it’s a good idea if you take the time to brainstorm ideas. The last thing that you want to do is to go running out at the last minute for Christmas shopping, and you don’t want to simply write a blog post to get something on your blog for SEO.

If you are shopping at the last minute, you’re often scraping the bottom of the barrel or falling back on a generic gift card that, though they might appreciate it, doesn’t show a lot of ingenuity or forethought. And, if you post something at the last minute, chances are that you are not giving your best work. That’s why brainstorming is a good idea. This way you are going to be prepared.

Well, there you go. There are three ways blog topics and Christmas shopping are similar. Don’t have the time to do your own blogs? Why not let us do it for you? Start the new year by giving your blog and your SEO a boost. Simply contact us to find out more. You can also connect with us on Facebook.


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