Automation in Marketing – 3 Common Myths

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automation in marketing

Automation is something that a lot of businesses have considered. But then they change their mind, and the reason that they do this is that they’ve heard one of the myths below about automation in marketing.  Below are three huge automation in marketing myths that you may have heard and the truths behind them.

Automation in Marketing is Cold & Robotic

A lot of people feel as if automation in marketing will lack personalization. They think it will come off as being robotic and cold, and this is usually because they’ve received something that felt like that. Sometimes that’s the case. However, this is only true if it’s not done right.

Keep in mind that automation’s not arbitrary. It will need an architect. So you have the opportunity to make it feel like it’s not automated.

When you use automation in marketing, it will feel intuitive and seamless, and that’s the reason why you don’t know when it’s been done right. The marketing feels personal and natural.

Automation in Marketing’s Only for Huge Businesses

This myth is another one that a lot of people believe and why they avoid doing it. A lot of owners of small businesses treat automation in marketing as something they’re going to use once they get bigger or reach certain revenue goals.

A lot of owners of small businesses say they don’t need it and put off using it. But the truth is that any business owner can use it.

Using automation when you are first starting your business is a good idea for two reasons.

The first reason is that it’s simple to adopt the systems when you’re smaller. When you get bigger, it’s a lot more difficult to try to retrofit automation into large processes.

The second reason is that it will let you be a lot more strategic on what you’re focusing on.

When your business’s small, the employees and owner are doing anything. They’re wearing multiple hats since that is what is needed.

However, it’s not important to have everything done by a person. Automation is what will take those things that don’t need completing by humans and that will give you some more free time for the more important activities.

Automation in Marketing Only Assists in Marketing Activities

There are some flaws in automation in marketing. The flaw is that people think that automation in marketing is just about using automation for marketing. It can help with nurturing and capturing leads. However, it also can help with making those leads prospects. Automation also can help with delivering the customer experience. It can help with supporting partner programs, onboarding new employees, collecting receivables, and much more.

If you’re starting out with your marketing activities, that is okay. However, you don’t want to fall into a trap of limiting what your automation can do. the truth is that automation’s very versatile and it can help your business with growth in a lot of ways.

These are three automation in marketing myths that you may have heard and believed. As you can see, automation in marketing is something that can help your business out a lot.

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