5 Helpful Tips for Choosing a Business Name

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When you are first starting a business, along with creating a logo, one thing you have to do is to choose your business name. your business name should be memorable, it should be something that shows what your business does and it should be adaptable.

To help you with choosing a business name, below are five tips that you can use to make sure that you have a good

Don’t Choose a Business Name That’s Hard to Spell

The last thing you want is for potential customers to be confused about finding the business online. You also don’t want to have to correct your business name continually because it’s been spelled wrong.

Don’t Choose One That’s Limiting

You never know what the future holds for your business. Therefore, you want to choose a name that is going to work now and in the future. Don’t limit it to one product or one city. If you expand your business to go to other places or you sell more things, in the future, you’ll have to fix it. Think about Dunkin’ Donuts and how they’re just Dunkin’ now.

Do a Thorough Search Online for Your Business Name

After you’ve decided on a possible name, search the web for it. A lot of times, chances are you’ll find another company with that name. Even though it’s not a complete showstopper, you want to know ahead of time and maybe rethink it.

Go with a .com Domain

Although a lot of people go for .net, .biz, .org, or other domain extensions, customers often prefer businesses with .com in their name. That means that it’s a more established business. It’s possible that someone else already has it, but sometimes they are willing to sell it to you for the right amount of money.

You also want to grab the desired name on popular sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Make Sure Your Name Conveys Meaning

It’s a good idea to have the name of your business convey something positive and meaningful that’s related to the business. Are people able to instantly understand what the business is about from the name? even though things such as Yahoo, Google, and Zappos have appeal because they’re catchy, these names are going to cost a lot more to be branded.

These are five tips that you can use to make sure that you are choosing the right name for your business. Keep in mind that you want to find something that people will associate with you and that will give them a positive feeling when they see it. Otherwise you may be driving customers away just with your name.

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