4 Helpful Brochure Content Tips

brochure content

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Brochures are one of the most popular options for offline marketing. If you are planning to create a brochure for your business, check out these brochure content creation tips to help your brochure work well for you.

brochure content

Brochure Content Tip 1 – Make the Headlines Benefits-Oriented

After the recipient has opened your sales brochure, they’re going to skim your headlines that are inside. These headlines inside should be used to hold the reader’s attention and make them want to read the copy more thoroughly.

Brochure Content Tip 2 – Make Use of Bullet Points

Businesspeople and consumers alike don’t have a lot of time. So using bullet points to help you with focusing on those key features of your services or products.  is the best way to reach them. These bullet points will help the reader stay focused on the things you are offering and encourage them to take the actions that will help your business.

Brochure Content Tip 3 – Keep Focused on Readability

You shouldn’t make it hard for anyone to read the brochure. Using grey type when your background is white or dark type when your background is dark will both be hard for them to read. You also should avoid huge blocks of text in small type. Make sure that you’re breaking up your text blocks using white space and headlines. Think of your brochure like a printed blog. The mistakes that I mentioned on this blog are ones that you should also avoid in your brochure.

Brochure Content Tip 4 – Use Plain Words

Brochures are not the time to use a lot of fancy words. Unlike when you use them on a blog, which i don’t recommend either unless you explain what they mean, you are limited on space. You also don’t have the advantage of the Internet being right there so that they can look it up easily. So, use laymen’s terms for any industry specific words.

These are four tips that you should remember when you are creating your brochure content. They will help you with reaching more people and growing your business. SendJim is the company that we use for our postcards and they offer brochures as well.


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